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That depends on what time you fall asleep. Santa will only come after dark, if you are in bed, sleeping.

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You don't for sure. You can watch the NORAD Santa tracker, which can give you an estimate, but Santa is really firm about surprising kids, so he will wait if the kids are still awake.

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Q: How do you know what time Santa will come to your house?
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What time will Santa come to Hertfordshire?

We don't know exactly what time Santa will get to Hertfordshire, but we do know it will be after girls and boys are asleep.

How can santa go to every house in one day?

I think he freezes time and we don't know it.

Does Santa travel with elves?

Sometimes a few of the elves come along to sort and make sure Santa gets the right toys to the right house. That saves Santa a lot of time.

What time will santa arrive at your house in Brighton?

Track Santa at

How can Santa come to your house NOW?

I'm sorry, but Santa is temporarily unavailable. The Christmas Eve flight takes a lot of prep-time. Just behave, and he will arrive when it is your turn.

What time is santa going to be in Boston?

Well i cannot say exactly the time he will come but i can say that he comes between 1:00 am and 2:30 am somewhere around there if he is not at your house by then witch mostly you will not know when he is at your house but if he does not come between the period of 1:00 am and 2:30 am then make it 3:00 am Merry Christmas !

What time does santa come to Saskatchewan?


What time does santa come to Scotland?


What time does santa come to dundee?

He will come arty SECAM a clok

What time does santa come to fraserburgh?

Santa will arrive at Fraserburgh between 8pm and Midnight.

What time does Santa come in Delaware?

santa comes at midnight or around midnight in Delaware

Why does Santa Claus come once a year?

Santa Claus is know for bringing presents at Christmas time. He comes once a year because Christ's birthday comes once a year.