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Typically a dog's period cycle will last for 21 days.

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Q: How many days does a dogs period cycle last?
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How many days dos a period last?

your menstrual cycle (or period) can last anywhere between three and seven days..

Why does your cycle last 20 days after your last period?

BTW... i dont have your answer but its 28 days not 20! ;)

Can a dog get pregnant if they are on there period?

Dogs are in heat (or on their period) for about three weeks and can get pregnant about the last week of their cycle.

Does the menstrual cycle begin 28 days after the first day of your last period or after the last day?

Your menstrual cycle always begins on the FIRST day. If you have a "28" day cycle, you would get your period every 28 days.

At what point of menstrual cycle should you have a smear test?

Mid-cycle (i.e., approximately 14 days after your last period, 14 days before your next period).

What is your fertile days if your Last menstrual period is June 19 your last cycle is 33my shortest cycle is 28 longest is 33?


Your period only last 3 days what is your cycle?

to tell when your cycle is the first day your period come on til the next time and come on this will give you the amount of days that is in your cycle and then you will not your cycle the amount of day you bleed does not tell you your cycle but i will say this since you cycle is 3 days you may have 26 or 28 day cycle

Does your period start 28 days after the first day of your last period?

28 to 32 days is considered inside of the normal range. You count from the first day of your last cycle.

Is it normal to have a menstrual cycle for a maximum of 4 days?

Yes, a normal period can last from 3 to 8 days.

How long until you get youre period after you finished youre period?

A cycle lasts 28 days so count 28 days from the first day of your last period

Can a menstrual cycle for small dogs last for a month?

This heat cycle lasts for several days up to three or four weeks.

Can you get pregnant one to ten days after the last day of your period?

You can get pregnant at any time in the cycle!

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