How many chemical in weed?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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THC is the best

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Q: How many chemical in weed?
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How do you OD on weed?

truly the only way to "od" on weed is if it has another chemical in it other than weed. what happens if u have to much weed (which is never because you can never have too much weed) is you just pass out. hahah take this from one who has passed out many times.

What is the name of the chemical that destroys weed?


What are chemical herbicides?

Chemical herbicides are weed killers made in the laboratory, not from nature.

What is the chemical structure of Nylon 66?

the chemical structure of nylon is weed and destanees bum

What is the chemical formula for synthetic weed?

Don't know

What chemical is used in weed killers?

The chemical that is used in weed killers depends upon the herbicide to be applied and the weed to be exterminated. A weed killer mixes both active and inactive ingredients, with the former representing the lethal chemical. Popular chemicals tend to be glyphosate among home gardeners and Dicamba, Triclopyr and 2,4-D among professional landscapers.

Does smoking weed make you skip periods?

Smoking weed does not make you skip a period. The THC chemical has no affect on the reproductive system.

What is chemical method of weeds control?

"Chemical method" is another way of saying to use appropriate herbicides for weed control.

What chemical is in weed killer?

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How can you tell weed is weed?

from the smell. weed has a interesting smell to it. there many kind of weed but smell interesting

Weed Removal?

form_title=Weed Removal form_header=Weed removal services can ensure your lawn is free from invasive grasses and weeds. Are you interested in spraying for weed removal?= () Yes () No Are you alright with the use of chemical pesticides?= () Yes () No Do you own a garden that required weed removal?= () Yes () No

What chemical will kill wild blue grass and not harm Bermuda grass?

weed begon