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Depends how much your moving about. If you are motionless, maximum would be 5. If you are shifting position, between 5 and 20.

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Q: How many calories do you burn when your ill lyeing in bed?
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Do you burn calories when you are in a tanning bed?


If you were injured and lay in bed all day how many calories would you burn i a day?

A 140 lb person burns 64 calories doing nothing in 1 hour

How many calories a lactating mother need?

coexist in bed

Does tanning in a tanning bed burn calories?

NO. How can it burn calories? Skin tanning is a chemical reaction between electromagnetic waves just beyond the visible spectrum of light and our skin, whereas the burning of calories requires carbohydrates and oxygen contained in our blood stream to interact with each other. They do this in our muscle tissues thereby setting mechanical energy free. This means if you want to burn calories, you must perform physical work, it is as simple as that.

What is a good bmr?

No such thing, a bmr is a basic metabloic rate which determines if you stay in bed all day how many calories you burn. Mine was 1998.4, get out and exercise bmr doesn't matter as long as you have healthy exercise habits

How many calories does your body burn of doing nothing?

I am not sure by just breathing. But your body does use calories by just living (it takes calories to run your body). In order to do this, you can look up a Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator. This is the amount of calories you burn just lying in bed all day. Add walking and other activities into the mix and you are burning more calories than the BMR calculates.

How many calories do you burn on 1100 calories a day in bed?

How many calories one burns at rest depends on what their basal (and/or resting) metabolic rate would be. BMR/RMR calculations depend on height, weight, lean muscle to fat ratios, fitness level, age, gender, etc. A female* who is 5'5, 125#, and 21 years of age has a BMR of approx. 1405.55 calories. *A male with the same stats: 1527.45 calories. A male** who is 6', 175#, and 21 years of age has a BMR of approx. 1927.85 calories. **A female with the same stats: 1655.95 calories.

How does body mass index and Basal Metabolic Rate relate?

Your BMI means body mass index and it shows you how much of your body mass i. but your bmr is how many calories you'd burn if yo stayed in bed all day doing nothing but sleeping

Can bed bugs burn you?

no, they only bite

How many calories do you burn sleeping?

not many. if ur sitting around doing nothing for an hour, and you're awake, a man usually burns anywhere from 80-180 calories, depending on size, weight metbolism etc. the average adult male burns around 125 calories per hour while sedentary, whereas a girl who sits around for an hour on that same couch gets cheated by evolution and only burns around 80-100 calories. While asleep it goes down to around 65-95 an hour, depending on sex, height, metabolism. average man, probably 75 asleep, average girl, probably around the same. from what i have heard you burn more fat when sleeping then you do just sitting awake in one place

What does it mean if you find a horse head in your bed?

It's time to burn the sheets and the bed.

Can you brun more calories when sleeping?

Exercise before you go to bed