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Not much, crunches are no big calorie burners. But the few calories burned depends on how your body is buildt, your age, your metabolism, how you preform the crunch and so on.

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Q: How many calories do you burn during side crunches?
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How many calories od you burn from crunches?

20 calories per 100 crunches, if you're doing them correctly.

How many calories does a crunch burn?

200 crunches burn about 10 calories, so if you divide 10 by 200 you find that one crunch would burn 0.05 callories.You actually burn 50 calories doing 100 crunches, so 200 would burn 100 calories

How many calories do you burn after 100 crunches?

I have no idea what the previous person was talking about.Anyway, 100 crunches burns about 50 calories.

If you do nothing but eat less and do crunches and run will you lose weight?

Losing weight can be hard. If a person eats less, and exercises by doing crunches and running, they will lose some weight. The amount is dependent on how many calories they put in their body, and how many calories they burn.

How many crunches do you need to do to lose 8 ounces of belly fat?

There is no such thing as spot reduction. You cannot reduce fat only in your abdomen by doing crunches. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. You must lose total body fat to have less fat in your stomach, so burn more calories than you're taking in. Crunches help burn some calories, and help define your stomach muscles, but will not burn fat just in that area.

How many crunches to lose 140 calories?


How many caolories do you burn during a 1 hour body vive class?

how many calories do you burn during a BodyVive class

How many calories do you burn during kickboxing?

An hour of shadowboxing for a 59 kg guy burns 531 calories. These exercises require continual movement and throwing strikes, thus they all burn a similar number of calories. Shadow boxing, which is practicing techniques without a partner in the mirror, is comparable to a boxing class.

How many calories are burned by playing basketball for 30 minutes?

depending on how intense the game is, you can burn upto 200 calories-- you also burn calories during recovery .

If you do 100 ab crunches how many calories you lose?

bout 50