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One game burns about 250 calories. Ten just dance games would burn 2500 calories- only long version.

I wish it burned that many calories. I have checked a few sources and about 20 calories per song is more accurate which puts you about 200 calories every half hour. That seems about right when compared to doing the elliptical or running for a half hour. I get more tired doing the elliptical and that burns 400 per half hour at the clip I go. I am not that tired when I do Just Dance although it is a lot more fun. Of course, this depends on your weight and fitness level.

It also depends on how active you are with the game... Running isn't the same as jumping around. Full-body cardio burns more than running on an elliptical. If all you do is follow the arm movement, you won't burn much.

However, if you're like myself who is sweating after medium impact songs because you actually mimic feet, arms, and the rest of the body, you'll burn a lot more because you're in sync with the games movement. The calorie counter expects you to burn the proper amount by using your entire body, not just your arm alone (which most beginners have the habit of doing).

The game has 14,000 a week calorie burner. Which is to help you lose around 4 lbs a week, or a bit less depending on how much you ate that day and if you do any other exercise. And from people who played, many do find themselves losing a few lbs a week if they do it correctly and religiously.

In the end though, it's impossible to trust ANY calorie counter. I've been on machines that count much slower than others and some that count faster. But it's said that when you high-five someone, you burn a calorie. Your body burns calories naturally even if without movement (Just not as fast), so, the game probably isn't spot on, but one has to remember it expects you to use your entire body, not just an arm.

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Around 400 calories

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Q: How many calories burned doing wii fit?
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The amount of calories you burn in the Insanity fit test totally depends on your current weight and the effort you're putting into the fit test. However, to determine the amount of calories burned, used the following equation: Calories Burned = [(Age x 0.074) -- (Weight x 0.05741) + (Heart Rate x 0.4472) -- 20.4022] x Time / 4.184.

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This entirely depends on the pace at which you are walking, and what condition your body is in. Someone who is very fit, and very trim, will not burn 72 calories as quickly as someone who is not very fit or trim when walking at the same speed.Lets say you were to walk at 3mph, which is about an average walking pace for many people. Based on your average weight, and walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour, you will burn calories at the following rate:130 to 140 pounds - 3.5 calories burned per minute145 to 155 pounds - 4.0 calories burned per minute160 to 170 pounds - 4.5 calories burned per minute175 to185 pounds - 5.0 calories burned per minute190 to 200 pounds - 5.5 calories burned per minuteSo if you were to weigh 150lbs, it would take 18 minutes of walking. 18 minutes multiplied by 4 calories a minute equals 72 calories burned. Give or take.

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Wii Fit does not have a calorie counter. It tracks your weight and BMI (body mass index) against the target weight/BMI you select. As you exercise, it tracks how many minutes you spend per session. **Wii Fit Plus does track the calories burned.

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I read that 10 mins 'crazy fit' is equal too 1 hour jogging...would love to know if that's the case...

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The amount of calories burned really depends on what type of exercsie is being done, along with how long you were exercising for. Something like and ellptical machine for 30 mins (200 calories burned) is much mroe than walking at a moderate pace for an hour (100 calories burned).

How many calories burned in 1 hour on a dance mat of weight of 121 lbs?

It's not really about what you do, but more about what you weigh and how hard you go at it. For an adult, getting decently winded and sweaty, say maybe 450 calories tops.

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about 973658761465 million

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The number of calories that you burn doing sit ups depends on how fast you do them. Your weight also determines the amount of calories burned due to the amount that you have to lift. if you weigh 150 pounds and do 100 sit ups in 10 minutes, you will burn approximately 57 calories.