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A typical person should consume 2,000 calories a day

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Q: How many calories a human needs to stay fit?
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If the average human needs 2000 through calories to stay healthy how many calories should you burn per day?

It depends on if youre trying to lose weight, gain weight ,or stay the same. For example, if you're intaking 2000 calories a day, you should expend 2000 calories a day to stay that weight.

How may calories are needed daily 130 pounds and wants to lose 15 lbs?

the average human needs 2000 through 3000 calories to stay healthy

How much calories a human needs to stay healthy?

It varies, and there is no exact answer. Some common variant are age, size (height and weight), body type, muscle mass, and activity level.

What is the amount of energy the human body needs to stay alive and carry on vital processes?

That depends on factors such as gender age and activity levels. About 30 calories per kilogram is a good ball park figure.

What are 2 things that the human body needs to stay healthy?

water and sunshine!

Can marathon training help you lose weight?

I personally gained when I trained. Most people stay about the same. It is pretty standard not to lose...your body just wants so many calories, and needs so many nutrients.

How many calories do you burn shopping?

Alot, depending on what store, and how long you stay in it.

How many calories are burned in each workout of the Tae Bo Express system?

you eat less calories so you can stay in shape

How many calories in grilled mixed veggies?

5,126 Stay fat Russia :D

How many calories should an eleven year old boy have per day?

about 1880 a 11 year old boy needs 4000 calories means you should take 1 kg of wheat and fibre to ensure u stay healthy. prune juice also helps