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I've been off the pill since last June, it's almost February (8 months) and i still haven't gotten my period. not pregnant either. my gyno said it's nothing to worry about, especially since my cycle was very irregular before starting the pill. i cant complain..

I stopped taking the pill after being on it for 4 years. I had my first period off the pill on day 57. Not prego as I have taken 4 test (paranoid) so it may take a while for your body to regulate.

I have recently stopped Birth Control pills and am now on day 40 with no menstrual period. (I am not pregnant.) My ob/gyn told me that some women start on a normal rhythm again immediately and others can take a couple of months.

I was on the pill for 11 years and went off over a month ago. I'm on day 43 and still no period (had a negative pregnancy test yesterday). I've heard it varies widely across individuals - some people will resume right away, others may take up to a year. I'm taking Vitex (agnus catus, chaste tree berry), which is supposed to help regulate menstrual cycles.

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It depends on your body, how long you've been on the pill, health, and cycles prior to the pill.

Once you stop the pill you will get your withdrawal bleed, you should get your first menstrual period within three months of this - if you don't then see your doctor to check that there's nothing wrong. It can take up to 12 months for your cycles to regulate once you come off the pill as it takes time for cycles to get back on track. Remember you can get pregnant once off birth control, although it is best to avoid pregnancy the first year after the pill even if TTC to allow your body to replace nutrients depleted while on the pill, this helps prevent miscarriage.

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Q: How long does it take to get your period after going off the pill?
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How long does it take for your period to return after missing a pill?

Your period should not be delayed from missing a single pill.

How long does it take to get your period after going off the pill for a week?

That differs for everyone and depends on where you were in the pill cycle when you stopped for a week. If you don't get a period within four weeks, have a pregnancy test.

Besides going to a doctor is there a way you can delay your period?

Take the combined contraceptive pill!

If you take the pill will it stop your period?

Birth control pill will not stop your period unless you continuously take it without missing a pill.

How long does it take to menstruate after being off the pill?

Going off the Pill shouldn't affect your menstrual cycle.

What is a sugar pill and what does it do?

A sugar pill is what women take to start their period. It allows the period to start.

How long does it take for the mini pill to stop your period?

I am not sure but i think about 2-4 hours

How long does it take to get a period after coming off Birth control?

I was on the pill for 10 years. When I stopped taking the pill it took my body 6 months to have a period. Everyone is different!

How long does it take to come on your period after the last day of your pill?

Depends on the person. For me around 2 days.

You only get your period if you take birth control?

No. You get a period with/without the pill. All the pill does is protect you from getting pregnant.

How long does it take to come off your period after coming off the pill?

The length of the first period after the pill is unpredictable. While you're on the pill, the hormones decrease the amount of menstrual flow. You can expect longer and heavier periods, returning to your previous pattern, after you stop the pill.

How can you stop your period for that 1 month because your going trekking in India for one month?

You can take the pill which you take everyday leading up to your period but on the week of your period you don't take it. This can sometimes be dangerous for young girls though.

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