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As long as it takes for you to feel happy :-)

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Q: How long does it take for an ecstasy pill to hit you?
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Is it okay if you used to crack your back all the time to take a quarter hit of ecstasy?

Of course not !! It's NEVER OK to take ANY ecstasy.

What can i do to make ecstasy hit me fast?

Chew it brake it down the smaller the pices the faster the break down into your system. Take it and eat your body will take it in faster that way but make sure you don't eat before. This works with any pill you are trying to take.

Is it bad to take contraceptive pil before first pregnancy?

no it is fine to take the pill before your first pregnancy, you can take it anytime as long as you have hit puberty

How long does it take to get in the system?

from anywhere of 30-45 mins it takes to fully hit you since it is a time release pill.

If you take a quarter hit of ecstasy and youre 5 feet tall and 93 pounds how long will it take to get out of your system for blood pee poo tests?

All most all of the time it goes away after a day or two.

How long does it take a concerta tablet to move from the stomach to the intestines?

from anywhere of 30-45 mins it takes to fully hit you since it is a time release pill.

What is good to take with ecstasy?

The best thing to "take" is if you take it then you continue by drinking straight orange juice, with pulp. The more original the orange juice is the better your high will be. The vitamen C from the orange juice will keep you hydrated as well and also increase your high more than it usually would. Also if would like it to hit you harder and faster, take a shower about 5 minutes after consuming the pill.

When taking extacycan you pop a whole 2nd pill 10 hrs later and still be safe?

As long as your body can handle extacy then taking a second pill wont harm you for sure. There are never for sures with exacy though. As long as your safe and your body can handle it then you are fine to take a second pill anytime. Although taking a second pill 10 hours later with most likely effect how you (i.e. depression, etc.) You most likely don't want to take it often because if it may hit an important part of your brain and could harm you long term. But these are all risks every time you take extacy.

What does triple stack ecstasy look like?

A tripple stack of XTC has 3 times the amount of ingredients in one pill as a single stack (roll). So it will definitely hit harder and last longer. But be careful cuz you can OD a lot

How is ecstasy taken?

Ecstasy is generally swallowed in pill form. Pure MDMA, (ecstasy) however, can come in a crystallized unpressed form known as "molly". These crystals may be administered orally, rectally, nasally, or intravenously

Can i take 1 hit of ecstasy on Friday and be clean for a drug test on Tuesday by 5 pm and i have not took any ecstasy for 2 months?

why why why would you be stupid enough to take drugs any ways just a few words of advice...............................quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........and the answer is no I've taken E a several times and the answer is no. It takes about a week for E to fully get out of your system. DON'T DO IT! Take it AFTER the test ;]

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