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The best thing to "take" is if you take it then you continue by drinking straight Orange Juice, with pulp. The more original the orange juice is the better your high will be. The vitamen C from the orange juice will keep you hydrated as well and also increase your high more than it usually would. Also if would like it to hit you harder and faster, take a shower about 5 minutes after consuming the pill.

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Q: What is good to take with ecstasy?
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Can you take ecstasy while on your period?

Whoever you are, you should not be taking ecstasy, no matter when.

Is it safe to take ecstasy with a history of ulcers?

There is no guaranteed way to take Ecstasy safely, with or without a history of ulcers.

How do you prevent ecstasy?

You dont take it !

Is it safe to take ecstasy and perkocet?


How many years can you take ecstasy?

You cannot take ecstasy at all. It is illegal in most of the world and causes major health concerns.

Is it safe to take anti nauseant after ecstasy?


What do you do if you accidentally take an ecstasy pill?

You get into trouble

Do you get a good effect off ecstasy?


Is it okay if you used to crack your back all the time to take a quarter hit of ecstasy?

Of course not !! It's NEVER OK to take ANY ecstasy.

Can ecstasy make you gain weight?

Ecstasy actually will make you lose weight. The methanphetamine in ecstasy makes it highly addictive. Unlike marijuana, ecstasy makes you not want to eat for many hours. So the more you take ecstasy, the less you'll eat.

What do you eat when you take ecstasy?

well you cannot eat while you areon the drug but before it, it is good toeat a pizza & makes you feel better.

Can you get high if someone that is on ecstasy touches you?

No. only if you take it.