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Assuming she WILL get pregnant this time (since it can take 12-18 months normally) and that she is ovulating, it takes about 3 days for the sperm to get to the fallopian tube and there meet the egg and fertilize it. Then it takes about week until the egg has traveled down to the uterus and attached itself to the wall. 2 weeks after sex you can take a pregnancy test.

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Q: How long does it take for a woman to get pregnant after a sperm is in her vagina?
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Can a 1 inch penis get you pregnant?

The lenght of the penis doesn't matter as long as you'll get sperm in your vagina.

Can women can become pregnant at any time during their menstruation?

No, a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilise. However a woman may be fertile during menstruation, meaning that sperm may survive long enough in the vagina to still be around by the time she does ovulate.

If there is sperm on the bed and a girl sits on it can she get pregnant?

If there is semen on a surface and a woman applied her vagina directly to it, and the sperm hasn't been there very long (IE: Hasn't dried out and died), and the surface itself was not porous enough to absorb the semen, then there's a very, very slim chance some sperm would have made it into her vagina. However, it's not likely this resulted in pregnancy.

Can Anna graceman get pregnant?

Yes as long as she spreads her legs open wide and sit on a penis and gets sperm in her vagina.

Can premature ejaculations effect a man from getting a woman pregnant?

No. As long as there is semen ejaculated into the vagina, there are a possibility of pregancy.

What happens when a girl swallows sperm?

Nothing, it'll just go to her stomach. She can't get pregnant unless the sperm actually enters the vagina. If it enters her mouth then it is a long way away from her egg

Can you have a child then get diaonosed with low sperm count?

Yes, you can still have a child with a low sperm count, as long as it isn't zero. A low sperm count just means that you will have a harder time getting a woman pregnant.