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The lenght of the penis doesn't matter as long as you'll get sperm in your vagina.

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Q: Can a 1 inch penis get you pregnant?
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3 inch penis is enough to born baby?

I think your asking if you can get a woman pregnant with a 3 inch penis. If you produce sperm you can usually have a baby.

After errection your penis size is maximum 3 inch. Can you make your wife pregnant?

Any size can get a woman pregnant.

Hyyyyyyyy what is that?

your 1/894384 inch penis.

Can one inch penis still impregnate a girl?

If you can manage to have intercourse and ejaculate then you have a chance of getting her pregnant.

How much length of penious is required for pregnancy of a girl?

Penis length has nothing to do with getting a girl pregnant. Ejaculation is what occurs, releasing semen/sperm into the female's vagina. These sperm then fertilize the egg and the female becomes pregnant. A 2 inch penis can get a girl pregnant, as well as a 12" penis as long as he ejaculates.

5 inch penis non erect and a girth of only 1 inch could this be a problem?

The penis is flacid, upon erection it will be longer and larger in. circumfrance

Can you get a girl with a 1 inch penis?

Contrary to what boys think, girls seldom choose partners based on their penis sizes. Penis size can increase during puberty and also many years after puberty. Even a 1 inch penis can have a erect length of more than 4 inches.

Are you pregnant if you dried your penis and then stuck it in your girlfriend 20 minutes later?

If you are pregnant, that will be news. Can she be pregnant? Possible. There are still going to be sperm in the penis. It only take 1 to do the job. Is it likely? No, Possible? Yes.

Is Reilly A man?

Obviously Reilly Waddington has an * inch hairy penis on her head ansd a 1 inch wonder in her pants (:

Will you get pregnant by just feeling your boyfriends penis?

to get pregnant you have to have sexual intercourse, his penis has to enter your vagina for you to get pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you have a 4.5 in penis?

The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

Your penis size is 4 inches can you marry?

You can marry someone if you've got a 1 inch penis. A girl should marry you cause she loves you not for your penis size.