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If its a blood test less than a week it stays in your fatty sells tho.

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Q: How long does THC remain detectable in blood?
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How long is THC detectable by cheek swap?

2 days

How long can Tetrahydrocannabinol can stay in your body?

Heavy and/or long-term cannabis use can result in detectable concentrations of THC remaining in the body for about a month. A single, average use of THC is detectable for up to a week. Intermediate use falls in between these two extremes.

Can k2 or Ecsphoria show up in a blood test?

Nope, they are both undetectable and contain no THC or any other detectable elements.

How long is THC detectable after ingestion?

About 30. Unless you consume it every day. In that case it would take about 90 days.

I haven't smoked pot in 5 days before that was a daily user will you pass a saliva drug screen?

Probably not. THC may remain in urine and saliva in detectable amounts for weeks after the last use. The more that was used, the longer traces remain. After 5 days about 80-90% of the THC in the body will have been excreted - that leaves 10-20% still present, which is definitely a detectable amount. A single dose of THC can leave detectable traces in the urine and feces for more than 5 WEEKS. (Harvey, 1999, p 91-103; Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties,2003)

Can karo syrup help to beat a drug test for marijuana?

I don't believe so, once the THC is in your system it will remain there for next 3 weeks; making it easily detectable.

How long is htc detectable for a drug screen test?

Do you mean THC? The active ingredient in Marijuana? If so, probably somewhere around 30 days at most.

How much THC can a cdl driver have in there system with out failing?

You will fail a CDL drug test with ANY detectable amount of THC in your system.

How long is THC detectable is Saliva for Heavy Users?

2 days if u dont use again or get mouth wash b4 ur test

How long does on hit of THC stay in your urine?

Only one hit ever would not be detectable and would leave your system in less that 5 days.

How long does THC stay in child's blood in the womb?

For as long as it stays in yours.

How much THC can be in your system before you fail a CDL test?

You'll fail a drug screening with ANY detectable amount of THC in your system.