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For as long as it stays in yours.

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Q: How long does THC stay in child's blood in the womb?
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How long a Y sperm can survive in womb?

Y sperm can stay in womb for 36 hours after which it dies

How long does a baby human stay in its mother's womb?

9 months

How long do rabbits stay in their mothers womb?

Approximately 28 to 31 days.

How long do lions stay in the womb?

Average gestation for a lion is about 110 days.

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Clownfish don't have a womb ! They lay eggs - which are fertilised by the male - and simply left to 'drift' in the water.

How long will giraffes fetus stay in the mother's womb?

The gestation period (time that the foetus stays in the womb) for giraffes is 14-15 months.

How long does a polar bear cub stay in its mothers womb?

For 6 to 12 months

Could you stay underwater if your blood is oxygenated?

Theoretically yes. It would be comparable to a developing baby in its mothers womb.

Do babies stay more on one side of the womb?

No they stay on one side of the womb all the time.

How long to baby elephants stay in their mother?

The elephant stays in the womb for about a year

Where is fertilized egg stay?

in your womb

How long do babies stay in the womb?

Baby rabbits are born 32 days after the mating between the doe and the buck