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This will depend on when you stop smoking the marijuana. If you continue to smoke every single day, the THC will remain in your urine until you stop smoking.

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Q: How long do marijuana THC stay in your urine if you smoke 3 to 4 times a day?
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How long does marijuana stay in your urine in a person who does not regularly smoke marijuana?

About 15 days.

How long does the marijuana stay in urine?

If you only smoke a few times a month, 30 days after last consumption. If you smoke multiple times a week, up to 90 days.

How long will a one time smoke of good marijuana stay in your system for urine drug test?

14 Days

How long does marijuana stay in your urine after eating it?

Depending on your usage (not the amount but how often you smoke/eat) 2 weeks to 90 days.

How long does it take for a single use of marijuana to get out of your urine?

I used marijuana one time and only hit it once,how long will it stay in my urine?

If you smoke several times a day for years how long will it take before your urine is clean?

Up to 12 weeks but allot relies on your height and weight, amount of consumption , potency of the marijuana, etc..Home test yourself

If i smoke a little bit of marijuana in the last few days and i don't have to take the urine test for 5 more days will the THC show up?

how long after smoking a little marijuana will it still show up ?

How long is marijuana detecable in urine?

30 days

Will marijuana show up in urine after 5 days even tho i dont smoke very often?

yes it will you could be dirty as long as forty-five days

How long does marijuana stay in your system if i smoke everyday for one month?

If you smoke then there is no marijuana in mysystem

How long until marijuana enters your urine?

Almost immediately.;-)

How long does marijuana stay in the urine from a contact high?

I'm assuming you mean "will THC show up on a urine test from a contact high?" (meaning you didn't actually smoke, you were buzzed by "second-smoke") to which the answer is NO. A contact high means you have less than 5% of the THC from the entire sesh in your system.