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The healing process take about 2 months and have your period at least twice before trying again. Let your body heal before you try again.

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Q: How long do you wait to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?
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I had a miscarriage and want to get pregnant again how long do I have to wait?

That could depend on the reason for the miscarriage, and your general health. But if there were no complications for you, then you should be able to try again in a couple of months. But I would advise checking with your doctor first.

You were 6 weeks pregnant when a miscarriage occurred you would like to get pregnant again how safe is it to get pregnant with in a months time?

It may depend on the reason for the miscarriage and how far into the pregnancy she was. There is no reason not to start trying again right away, after a very early miscarriage - with your doctor's OK.

How long after you miscarriage can you try again on another baby?

If your miscarriage took place in last stages of pregnancy, or if in your miscarriage any kind of surgery was done, you should wait more than six months to try again so that your body comes back to normal position and you also mentally prepare yourself to try for another baby. But if miscarriage occurs in early stages of pregnancy, like within three months, and your bleeding stopped within 10 or some more days, then you can try immediately after miscarriage and there is no need to wait long. Recent studies show that if a woman get pregnant again after a miscarriage within six months, her chances of a healthy pregnancy are far more than those who get pregnant after six months. However you should wait for a normal period after miscarriage and when a normal period comes, you can try to get pregnant again after this period. This is because if you get pregnant immediately after miscarriage and do not wait for a normal period, you will have no exact date of start of your pregnancy as well as LMP. So it is advised to wait for a normal period. My advise is also that you try again after a normal period after the miscarriage, and try immediately after that period and do not wait any more. There is no need at all to wait for more than one normal period. Hope this is the answer to your question.

How long after Dilation and Curettage can you be fertile?

You are fertile right after until the hormones have settled but should wait at least 4 months until trying to get pregnant again to try to avoid miscarriage.

How long after a miscarriage should you wait to have intercourse not want pregnant?

You should wait a couple of weeks for the healing but you can always get pregnant both before the 2 weeks and after so use protection.

Trying to conceive after miscarriage did not need dc do not really have to wait for a cycle to try again how long were you fertile while trying after miscarriage never had one previous two pregs norm?

I was told to wait one cycle then try again!

Should you use condoms after a miscarriage?

You should wait about a month until you have sex afterwards and unless you want to get pregnant again, yes, use condoms. If you plan another child wait about 4 months to try to get pregnant.

How long should i wait before my dog can get pregnant again?


How long should you wait after a miscarriage to start trying again to have a baby if I was only about 4 weeks pregnant when I miscarried?

Hi, congrats if you are pregnant again. My mum miscarried and then caught with me in the same month and I'm here, so I think there is a very good chance of carrying the baby to full term. Good luck

How quick can you get pregnant after having a miscarriage?

miscarriage does not prevent pregnancy---although usually it takes a cycle to pass to restart your clockl good luck joymaker rn

Chances of getting pregnant a week after miscarriage?

Your chance are very high because your body is still fertil. It's better to wait three months after a miscarraige before you try again. So, use protection.Answeri had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago and i had sex not using nothing could i be pregnant as i am feeling sickly every time i eat anything AnswerI had a very early miscarriage.. I was told to wait 1 month ..but I thought I would ovulate as normal on the 14th day instead it was around the 10th day.. so I think I am pregnant again... AnswerMANY women report that it is easier to get pregnant the cycle after a miscarriage, now I don't know if that is true, it is most likely that you will ovulate the following cycle. If your doctor asks you to wait a certain amount of time before trying, I recommend listening, because it really depends on what caused the miscarriage, how far along you were etc as to how long it takes your body to get back to normal and you want everything just right! ~pawsalmightyAnswerI had sex once after my miscarriage and got pregnant and it's very hard for me to get pregnant since it took me 7 months the first time. Miscarried that one too though and still trying to conceive after 15 months.

My HCG levels are low my Dr. told me to wait until my next period before TTC again after miscarriage. Can you get pregnant with low HCG levels or is ovulation halted until HCG levels are less than 5?

You can get pregnant agin. It is best to wait until your hcg is 0 before trying to get pregnant again.