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You should wait a couple of weeks for the healing but you can always get pregnant both before the 2 weeks and after so use protection.

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Q: How long after a miscarriage should you wait to have intercourse not want pregnant?
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How long should the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant?

how long dhould the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant how long should the bleeding occur after intercourse when you are pregnant

How long should you wait to get up after intercourse when trying to get pregnant?

30 minutes.

How long can you wait to get pregnant after an Hysterosalpingogram?

The doctor told me that you should wait two hours before having intercourse.

How long does it take to found out you are pregnant?

Fourteen days after intercourse.

Is it possible to get pregnant even after long months of intercourse?

There is a possibility of pregnancy anytime intercourse takes place.

Can you get pregnant after long years of miscarriage but didnt have D and C treatment?

The D&C is not a must after a miscarriage. It's only if there are remains left inside so you should have no problem apart from the one you already have.

How long does it take for someone to tell if they are pregnant?

14 days after intercourse.

I had a miscarriage and want to get pregnant again how long do I have to wait?

That could depend on the reason for the miscarriage, and your general health. But if there were no complications for you, then you should be able to try again in a couple of months. But I would advise checking with your doctor first.

How long you need to lay down in the bed after intercource to get pregnant?

You don't have to lay down after intercourse to get pregnant.

How long has Selena Gomez's mom been pregnant?

She's not anymore she sadly had a miscarriage

How long time will take for periods after intercourse?

Intercourse does not affect your period unless you get pregnant. Being nervous can delay it though.

You think you are 4 months pregnant Are you too far a long to miscarry?

There is always a chance for a miscarriage.