How long do side effects of yaz birth control last?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Actually, the side effects from Yaz depends widely on the individual. Read more about the side effects of Yaz on this webpage. See related links

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Q: How long do side effects of yaz birth control last?
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Related questions

How long do side affects of birth control last?

You could get side effects for about 3 months. Your body just needs time to adjust. If they persist after that, you made need to switch your brands of birth control.

Can being on birth control too long affect your bladder?

There are no known effects, short- or long-term, of birth control on bladder function.

While on birth control how long should your periods last?

While on birth control, your periods should last just as long as when you're not on birth control. Some women regularly experience 2-3 day periods while other women can regularly experience 6-8 day periods.

What if a child takes three birth control pills?

A child who takes three birth control pills may have some nausea, but no other short-term or long-term ill effects.

How long is it safe for someone to take birth control pills without health risks?

As long as you don't smoke there should be no harmful effects to your health

Does you period start as so an you stop taking birth control and how long will it last if the answer is yes?

Your period will last between 2-7 days.

How long can a person stay on birth control before adverse effects may appear?

You can stay on birth control your whole life without adverse effects appearing. But medicine reacts different for different people. Someone might be on it a month and have an adverse effect to it, it all depends on the person.

How long does the menstrual cycle last on birth control pills?

It usually lasts about 2-7 days less

How long is menstruation on birth control?

It should be the same amount of time as when NOT on birth control.

How long does it take to get pregnant after quieting birth control?

how long does it take to get back on your normal cycle after stopping birth control

How long do you get your period for after you take birth control?

When you take birth control pills, you will have your period arriving during the 7 days break. During this time your period may last between 2-7 days.

After starting birth control how long does your first period last?

It depends on the type of birth control. Sometimes after starting it, it could be longer than normal, and sometimes it will disappear the first month. Sometimes it will be normal, and sometimes is will be shorter.