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Within the first few days to a week (7days) if the jewellery is removed the piercing will heal quite quickly (due to the nature of the tissue we are dealing with). That is only if the jewellery is taken out and left out mind you, if you remove the jewellery to change it to something else (within a few minutes 15 tops) the piercing will stay open and allow you to replace the jewellery with something else without fear of loosing the piercing.

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2009-09-17 08:03:43
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Q: How long before a septum piercing closes up?
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How long does a septum piercing take to close up?

a septum piercing never closes completly, sorry

How long can you keep out your tongue ring before it closes?

Depends on how long you had the piercing before removing the jewellery.

How long should you wait to change a septum piercing?

normally it takes 6 weeks for a septum piercing to heal.. if you change your septum piercing before the 6 weeks i guess there are chances of infection getting into the enterence and exit of the pircing hole which is pretty icky if it gts infected.. i have my septum done.. i did it myself.. i didnt change the septum ring till about 6 weeks after it.. i have still got it done and no infection had occured..

How long can you have your monro piercing out before it closes if you just got it done?

less than 24 hours

How long before a piercing closes?

It depends on how long you have had the piercing. if its new about a couple mins to an hour maybe depends on the body part you put the piercing. if you had it for a while it could take a couple days to close or a month

How long before a new tongue piercing closes?

It doesn't take long before a new tongue pierce hole closes because when you open and close your mouth your hole in you tongue just gets used to having nothing in it so i would say about 24 hours before it closes.

How long can you leave a monroe piercing ring out?

Upto 2 maybe three days before it compleatley closes up.

After how long can you gauge a septum piercing?

when its fully healed.. prolly round 8 months(:

If a septum piercing swells how long does it usually take to go down?

If a septum piercing swells, you have a serious issue and should see your professional body piercer or doctor as soon as possible, septum infections can be very dangerous and need to be handled as soon as possible.

How long can you keep your septum out before it closes?

No way to tell. It depends on how old it is and how your body heals. If you need to hide it, just flip the ring up or wear a barbell.

How long can you leave a belly button piercing out before it closes?

It depends on how old the piercing is. If it's over a year old, then you can go a couple of days. If it's under a year old, then a couple of hours. The newer the piercing is, the less time you have with it removed before it starts becoming difficult to put it back in. If it closes, then go in to see your local professional body piercer for some help.

How long do you wait after a nipple piercing closes to get it repierced?

You can get it done again once you're sure the piercing is healed inside as well as out.

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