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Rendess will come and go through the healing process whit a navel piercing, any time the piercing is covered or subjected to irritation from clothing there will be redness. It doesn't mean that there's an issue just that it's a piercing that is irritated, so floppy shirts, loose clothing aroung the piercing and as much fresh air as possible during the healing process will minimize the redness you will encounter.

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Q: How long after getting your bellybutton pierced is it red?
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Do ears get red after getting pierced?

usually, yes

My Bellybutton piercing is red and swollen is this normal?

I recently got my Bellybutton pierced about 2 weeks ago and the top hole is red a little swollen and there is a bit of clear discharge coming out of it. I have been cleaning it regularly with a salt water soak once a day for about 2-5 mins and antibacterial soap once a day. Is this normal or should I consult a doctor?

How long should your belly be red after you have had it pierced?

Usually a week but it'll get red anytime you hit it or get it infected.

If you got your ears pierced and 2 days after getting them pierced one gets red and slightly swollen is that normal and what can i do for it?

Never worry, it's totally normal. Your ears are somewhat adapting to you piercing since the 'metal' or the earring is a foreign bypasser. If the swelling lasts more that a week, that's weird. (:

What should i use to treat the red lump on my tragus piercing?

I need more information than what you have provided here, I need to know what you have been using for cleaning, how often you have been cleaning, what it was pierced with and how long ago, and how it was pierced. If need be contact me by message board on this site.

can i re my re?

I got my bellybutton pierced three days ago but i took it out 30 minutes after i got it done because it was super crooked! Right now, the area where it was pierced has two very small scabs and it is a little sore/red/inflamed, but there is no scarring obviously. I want to get it repierced soon, and tomorrow is the only day that they have an open spot for me to get it repierced. Is it too soon to get it repierced? Also, would getting it repiercing while the area is still sort of healing increase the chances of infection? If it is bad to get it repierced so soon, I guess I will have to wait a few months, but I really would like it sooner than later.

What happens in the first week after getting belly pierced i clean it two to three times a day and is it normal for it to be red and kinda swollen after a week?

If you don't put a special jelly on it it will get infected and swell enormously

I got my navel pierced about 4 days ago and its a little red around the top hole and there was a tiny bit of puss last night but it doesnt hurt when I touch it so is it okay or is it getting infected?

just take your navel ring out it may be getting infected

How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced at red octopus?

Call them and ask what they charge.

Did you ever see Kai-Lan's bellybutton in Beach Day?

We don't think so, we haven't seen it since she was wearing that white red cherry swimsuit.

Should you get your nose pierced before or after prom?

It is up to you, but after having my nose pierced I would recommend AFTER as it can swell, and look red and puffy for a few weeks after. It can also be quite tender for a while - and if something on an off chance goes wrong, at least you won't have a puffy red face for prom if you wait.

Swollen Cartilage after being pierced for 4 months.?

Got my cartilage pierced 4 months ago. I had a keloid, so I switched from the surgical steel that they pierced it with, to gold. It's a hoop. Red and swollen. Keloid is gone and there is no puss. Is it still healing and just irritated? Or could the hoop be too tight?