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I need more information than what you have provided here, I need to know what you have been using for cleaning, how often you have been cleaning, what it was pierced with and how long ago, and how it was pierced. If need be contact me by message board on this site.

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Q: What should i use to treat the red lump on my tragus piercing?
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Would it help if you pit ice on your dimple piercing if you have a lump around it?

NO. It'd help if you went to a piercing shop and asked them what was wrong with your piercing. The lump around it could be a sac of infection.

How do you get rid of lumps on tragus piercings?

I found that bathing my piercing with warm salt water helped but my piercer said if the lump gets any bigger or another one forms, crush an aspirin tablet and add a few drops of water to it to make it a paste. Then apply it to the lump and it will make it disappear. Hope this helped any one who needed it x

Is it okay to take out your cartilage piercing after 6 months and having a lump on it?

Yes and it will close with a lump on it.

After a labret piercing is it supposed to be a bump?

No there should be no lump. Due to a failure to either follow the aftercare routine or the use of improper aftercare products you may have developed a hypertrophic reaction which is causing the lump. Only a visit to your professional body piercer will best tell you what is going on with your piercing.

Why does a bump form on your tragus and how can you help it FAST?

Well you can't fix it fast. The amount of time it took to form the lump will be needed to get it to go away. This is often caused by poor aftercare or the wrong cleaning products which is most often the case. Dragon Mist is junk and will cause these reactions. So quit using what ever you have been given to use and flush the piercing with plain water every day, daily for the next week and the lump will start to shrink as the irritant is flushed from the piercing.

Lump in groin?

A lump can be lots of things, maybe cancer or just a lump of flesh witch is absolutely harmless. You should go and get it checked out though because IF it is cancer it will be easier to treat the earlier you get it seen to.

Is it okay to let the bump on your tragus heal by itself?

The bump is caused by an irritant like the cleaning product you are using or conditioner or shampoo. The piercing needs to be rinsed out daily and no other "aftercare" product used on it. If washed daily and rinsed correctly the lump will dry up and go away on it's own.....

What is the white lump in front of your tongue piercing?

It's the tongues version of a scab it will ease off as the piercing heals, relax.

What is a home remedy to treat the lump on your hamsters stomach?

There are no home remedies for tumors, you should get your hamster checked by a vet.

Why is there a lump in your ear lob after piercing?

The lump is simply the skin reforming and re-healing around your piercing.. youll always have a little one but the swelling significantly subsides through the healing process. =] good luck!

Is a softish lump near a lip piercing hazardous?

No. I had one too when my lip piercing was still healing. It's scar tissue and will go away as the piercing heals.

Painful Lump belly button with discharge?

The painful lump is brought to you courtesy of the aftercare product you are using. Stop using whatever it is you are using and flush the piercing with lots of running water, daily for the next week (this is a 7 day week) the lump should start to settle down in about that time period. Don't use any thing else on the piercing, no polysporin or neosporin or any other preparation just water. The lump will go down. Check the Related Links for more information.