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I recently got my Bellybutton pierced about 2 weeks ago and the top hole is red a little swollen and there is a bit of clear discharge coming out of it. I have been cleaning it regularly with a salt water soak once a day for about 2-5 mins and antibacterial soap once a day. Is this normal or should I consult a doctor?

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Q: My Bellybutton piercing is red and swollen is this normal?
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How can you tell if a cut is infected?

When it is any of the following; swollen, tender, red, throbbing, painful or sensitive.

What does a lip piercing infection look like?

Red swollen hot may or may not have blisters

What if there is redness around the piercing site?

When you first get a piercing, redness aroud it is perfectly normal. Depending on where it's pierced will determine how long it's going to stay irritated. Most of the time a piercing will be red for the first 2-4 days and be swollen. If it persists then I'd go back to the piercer.

How do you know if your tragus piercing is infected?

If its been swollen, discolored (red/purple), or itchy for more than 2-3 weeks. Or if the drainage from the piercing is a dark yellow/greenish color. It could just be irritated if its red and swollen. Go check with your piercer to be sure.

How do you know if you are allergic to the jewelry in your lip piercing?

if your lip turns red or its swollen that's normal , you just got to clean it . if its blue your lip jewelery is fake and that can get infected badly . . . I don't think you can get allergic ! ! !

Is it normal for your piercing to look infected when you first get it done?

It won't look infected but it might look irritated. Its normal for it to be red and swollen. If theres any yellow/green drainage or if the redness/swelling lasts more than 3 weeks then go see you piercer to check things out.

Just got the skin right where the lobe turns into the cartilage pierced ears have always rejected cartilage piercing maybe they snipped a piece of cartilage sightly red and a little swollen?

If the piercing was done with a piercing gun then that should answer the question.

6 week ear piercing swollen not red not itchy no pain except from the swellness why is it swollen?

A lot of piercings tend to swell up, it just depends on how the persons body reacts to the piercing really. To make the swelling go down take some ibuprofen and that'll help you out. I had to do that with my right nostril piercing. I was stoked when I saw the results.

How do you know if your monroe is infected?

If its been red,itchy and swollen for more than 2 weeks, if theres yellow/green drainage from the piercing.

How should a lip piercing look after 4 days?

a little swollen, def tender. A lil red maybe some light crusting

What to do when a belly button piercing is red and swollen?

It all depends on how long you have had your piercing. If it has been more than 1 month, it might be infected. But if it is relatively new, that is perfectly normal. In both cases, just keep cleaning it with a sea salt and water solution and it should be OK. If is persists, go to your piercer, and they should be able to tell you and give you further instructions. Happy Piercing!

If you got your ears pierced and 2 days after getting them pierced one gets red and slightly swollen is that normal and what can i do for it?

Never worry, it's totally normal. Your ears are somewhat adapting to you piercing since the 'metal' or the earring is a foreign bypasser. If the swelling lasts more that a week, that's weird. (: