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When an unknown sample is added to the decolorized Schiff's reagent and an aldehyde is present, a magenta of purple color develops.


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A positive Schiff's test is recognized by a color change from colorless to pink or magenta in the presence of aldehydes, specifically ketoses like fructose. The test relies on the reaction between the aldehyde and the reagent, causing the formation of a colored product.

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Q: How is a positive Schiff's test recognized?
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Formaldehyde Schiff's reagent: It is a solution of formaldehyde and sulfuric acid, used to detect the presence of aldehydes. The equation involves the formation of a colored compound with aldehydes. Benzaldehyde Schiff's reagent: Benzaldehyde can act as a Schiff's base with primary amines to form imines. The reaction results in the formation of a colored compound. Acetone Schiff's reagent: Acetone can react with a primary amine to form a Schiff's base, leading to the formation of a colored compound.

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