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It can make it less or even make it stay away, especially if it happens quickly. Same as for weight loss.

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Q: How does weight gain affect your period?
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How long before your period do you gain weight?

i never knew you gained weight before your period......

Do women gain weight during their period?

no. but when you're on your period, most women crave chocolate and sweet things. so avoid the sweet things, then you wont gain weight on your period.

You miss your period for 3 months and no weight gain are you pregnant?

Weight gain is irrelevant during the first trimester. If you had intercourse and missed a period pregnancy is possible.

How much weight do you gain with getting your period?


Do you weight more when you have your period?

absolutely. your body holds water weight when you're on your period and you can gain up to five pounds.

How much weight do you gain before your period?

It all depends on the person and the water weight they retain. But normally you shouldn't gain much weight if any at all.

Will you gain more weight if you are taking birth control pills but don't take the green ones so your period will stop?

Some women do gain weight while on contraceptive pills, and some do not. Skipping your period, or not taking the in-active green sugar pills, will not make you gain weight, it will just skip your period.

What happens if you take 4 birth control pills in one day?

It will affect you in many ways you may gain weight, and the next period will not arrive on the regular date.

Does reflexology affect height?

Reflexology does not affect height but could affect weight. Reflexology can release toxins that have built up in the body which might affect weight gain or loss.

Does smoking affect weight gain?

Smoking tends to suppress appetites and cause you to lose weight.

Can not receiving a period lead to weight gain?

yes. And, so can pregnancy.

Do you gain weight during your period?

well if your the kind of person to crave food during your period then yes