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i never knew you gained weight before your period......

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2009-02-22 03:56:13
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Q: How long before your period do you gain weight?
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Why people gain weight even if they eat less?

people gain weight when they eat less because your body thinks it is starving, your body converts your muscle into fat and it makes you feel weak and gain weight, however if you eat less for a long period of time you will lose weight

How long it takes to gain weight with peritol?

2 days

Will you gain weight if you stop exercising for one week?

no, just as long as you dont over eat during this period of time.

How long before weight gain comes off after lexapro?

There is no magic answers. I put weight on with antidepressants and all you have to do is eat right and exercise.

How long before you will lose weight after taking Celexa?

Celexa is a type of antidepressant that may cause some patients to gain weight. How long before you will lose weight after stopping Celexa is dependent upon factors such as how long you were taking the medication for, your diet, age, gender and lifestyle.

How long do you have to take fish oil before if lowers cholesterol?

How long do I have to take fish oil?" and after how long I can get the result ? Taking fish oil I will not gain weight

How long is a 'long weight'?

A long Weight is as long as it takes for you to realise you've been had!

Has anyone lost the weight put on by Lexapro?

i have been o lexapro for a year and gant gain at all before i started lex my weight were 149 now iam at 127 i would to know if any one know how long it take you to gain weight back

Do hamsters gain weight for the winter?

In the wild yes they do. Pet hamsters tend not to gain much because usually the heating in the house is warm enough. If its not then the hamster will go into hibernation. The hamster will gain a lot of weight before hibernation as it is preparing to stay asleep for a long while.

Can long term use of Adderall cause weight gain?


Do you gain weight when you work out because your muscles swell and if so how long before you see weight loss results?

Yes , you do gain a little weight when you work out because of the swelling of different muscles you haven't worked out in a while / ever before . I cannot tell you how long before you start seeing results , sometimes you don't . You may even GAIN weight because muscle weighs more than fat and if you're gaining muscle and losing fat you might gain weight . You will most likely see a difference in the toning of your muscle ( less arm flab , less cellulite , etc. ) and the loss of inches around your waist , arms , tummy , hips , thighs , etc .

How did turkey gain independence?

The modern nation of Turkey was founded in 1922. Before that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, which went through a long period of decline.

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