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Teen pregnancy change both a male and female teen... Pregnancy and birth can cause slot of stress and may cause you relationship with boyfriend or girlfriend to end. Pregnancy is slot of work and you need to take care of the baby and yourself.... Watch 16 and pregnant ... That might help... Good luck :)

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2011-08-17 17:40:35
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Q: How does teen pregnancy affect the teen life?
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Is there a cheat for sims life stories for teen pregnancy?

In sims life stories there is no cheat for teen pregnancy.

Does teen mom affect the rates of teen pregnancy?

We haven't seen that in the statistics but it might come up later.

How does teen pregnancy affect your future?

Teen pregnancy drasticly affects your future, you will find it hard to go to school because you will need to take care of the baby so you will probably drop and get a job as a cashier on minimum wage to support your baby and never get your education. Also you wont have time for your friends like you see on tv. So truthfully teen pregnancy will affect your life in so many negative ways

Can teen pregnancy affect to teen?

YES the teenage girl is tender in health not fully developed reproduction organs and may not be able to bear all the pangs of Pregnancy

Does teen pregnancy affect a school reputation?

Very much. School pregnancy effects schools reputations in a very negative way.

What is a thesis statement for teen pregnancy?

You can write about how to prevent teen pregnancy. Or what causes teen pregnancy. Talking about the right form of education to prevent teen pregnancy will work as well.

How can your baby be affected by teenage pregnancy?

Please see related links. There are many factors of teen pregnancy that can affect the fetus, and factors of teen parenting that can affect the child. Some of these are strictly medical whereas others have more to do with the stress caused by things a teen parent has to deal with. Stress is the most major contributor to health problems in both the mother and child in regards to teen pregnancy and parenting.

How does no attention in your life cause teen pregnancy?

That may be a contributing factor to teen pregnancy, but even a rudimentary knowledge of biology should be enough to show that it's not the cause.

How does teen pregnancy affect a teen father's life?

it can effect him because very likely he is not ready for such responsibility and is scared. most teen boy's or girl's are mature enough for such a huge responsibility. and if the teen father decides he don't want that responsibility, he has child support to look forward to for the next 18 years.

How does teen pregnancy affect a teen reputation?

well, lets just say the people at school will congradulate you for the child and then walk away whispering "whore.."

What the purpose of Teen pregnancy and urban youth competing truths complacency and perceptions of the problem article?

tot each you about effect and cause of teen pregnancy, and how it can effect your life, your future etc.

How does teen pregnancy effect on your life?

Teen pregnancy can affect your life because you are still yung and have a lot of things to accomplish! theirs alot of hard chooses to come with that preganancy like if your going to keep the baby or not. but on the plus side a child is a gift from God and everything happens for a reason. =)---- I would say that teen pregnancy could be VERY bad or VERY good. it wont be good until later but hopefully you have a supportive family and plans for what you want in your future for YOU - such as school and a career. If you don't have any of these things, it is NOT a good idea.

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