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I feel that the causes of teen pregnancy would be having only one parent in that child life, peer pressure, and not having one's on mind to do what supppose to be done

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Q: What are some of the main causes of teen pregnancy?
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What is a thesis statement for teen pregnancy?

You can write about how to prevent teen pregnancy. Or what causes teen pregnancy. Talking about the right form of education to prevent teen pregnancy will work as well.

What are the main cause for a teen becoming emancipated?

teen pregnancy

What are the causes of teen pregnancy?

When teens do it and aren’t careful.

What cause teenage pregnancy in Liberia?

Teenage pregnancy in Liberia is caused by the same thing that causes teen pregnancy everywhere, teenage sex.

What are some advantages of teen pregnancy?

Tax breaks!

What are some preventions for teen pregnancies?

Preventions For Teen PregancyBirth control or abstinence help to prevent teen pregnancy.

What are the main causes of teen car crashes?

Drinking while driving

What are the main causes of teen violence?

The main causes of "Teen Violence" Is problems at home, drugs and many times because one of the people involved has been holding a grudge, And they dont have any other way to let it out.

What is a sentence for teen?

The teen was being unruly in class.These teen pregnancy statistics are worryingly high.

What are the causes of teen crime?

The main cause today of teen crime is broken marriages and broken homes with no or little love shown to them.

How is teen pregnancy similar to adult pregnancy?

The main biological process is fairly similar between the two. There are some miniscule differences though, if I'm nog mistaken. It's only society that makes a distinction between them.

What are the roles teen parents face?

Teen Pregnancy

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