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It makes your brain bigger, and your lungs look like the California raisins.

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Q: How does marijuana damage the body?
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How much damage does marijuana do to your body?


What does marijuana do to you and how does it effect the body?

it can give you brain damage.

Is marijuana or alcohol more damaging to the overall body?

Alcohol by far as it does damage to your body and causes addiction.

How does marijuana harm the body?

The only thing is lung damage from the smoke but if you eat it its completely harmless

What damage can be caused be smoking marijuana?

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What can happen to you if you do marijuana?

brain damage

Is marijuana harmful to the body?

no marijuana is good for you

What damage can be caused by smoking marijuana?

why are you asking?

Does marijuana hurt your body in any way?

There is some damage to the lungs caused by marijuana smoke inhalation. (However, note that marijuana does not necessarily have to be smoked, it can also be brewed as tea.) Interestingly, marijuana smoke has not been found to be carcinogenic, unlike cigarette smoke. However, marijuana smoke is still an irritant to the lungs and can contribute to the eventual development of emphysema.

Does smoking marijuana once in a while damage lungs?


Will you be ok if you smoke weed occasionally?

There has been no recorded deaths from Marijuana. Nor does it cause any physical damage to the body, the smoke can be harsh on the lungs, though.

How is marijuana even bad?

Marijuana really isn't bad; the only reason its still illegal is because the government would have a hard time taxing the substance, as marijuana is simple to grow with the correct equipment. The only harmful effect marijuana has on your body is SLIGHT lung damage. However, most marijuana smokers do not smoke as much as cigarette smokers to cause lung cancer.