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There is some damage to the lungs caused by marijuana smoke inhalation. (However, note that marijuana does not necessarily have to be smoked, it can also be brewed as tea.) Interestingly, marijuana smoke has not been found to be carcinogenic, unlike cigarette smoke. However, marijuana smoke is still an irritant to the lungs and can contribute to the eventual development of emphysema.

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Q: Does marijuana hurt your body in any way?
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Can marijuana put you in the hospital?

No one has ever died or had any serious adverse reactions to marijuana. But there has been visits to the emergency room due to severe panic attacks. the only way yu can get hurt from smoking is by smoking your body weight.

What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?

There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.

What can marijuana do to you?

Marijuana can not harm you in any way shape or form. There has never ever been any deaths from smoking or eating marijuana.

How long marijuana stays in body?

marijuana stays in your body temporarily for a few hours in to you urinate the effect will go a way.....

How can you get marijuana out of your system?

The only way to clear your body of marijuana is time. As long as you do not use, your body will eventually clear canabis toxins from your body to below traceble levels.

What is your stand on legalizing marijuana?

As it is a drug I am very much against legalizing marijuana in any way.

Why is marijunana a drug?

A drug as per textbooks, is any substance which affects the way the mind and body works. Therefore, marijuana is considered a drug because it affects the way one mind and body works whether in a positive or negative way

Can you have weed once with out any effect on your body?

weed is obviously always going to affect your body in some way whether it be you hallucinate or vomit. marijuana remains in your system for 6 months.

What is the fastest way to get one hit of marijuana out of your body?

take another hit!

Is marijuana healthy for you in any way at all?

Marijuana is not hurtful in anyway at all, and not sure about being healthy for you but it is way better for you than tobacco is. Marijuana stimulates brain cell growth.

Can blueberry detox your body?

No. They are fantastic for you but the only way to rid your body of THC (marijuana) is to exercise and sweat profusely.

Is peeing in the shower good for your feet?

Peeing in the shower has no health benefits for feet or any other part of the body. Peeing in the shower will not hurt a person in any way.