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weed is obviously always going to affect your body in some way whether it be you hallucinate or vomit. marijuana remains in your system for 6 months.

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Q: Can you have weed once with out any effect on your body?
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Does weed have any effect on cancer cells?

Apparently weed simply dulls the senses and reduces any associated pain of cancer!

Does different colored lights do any effect on a weed plant?


What damage does weed do to your body?

well it doesnt do any good

Smoking weed and taking augmentin?

I don't think that marijuana will have any effect on the augmentin.

Is there any other way to experience the same effect as smoking weed?

Eat it in baked goods!

What is side affects of smoking weed?

Smoking weed also has side effect which is given below:- 1.These smoking weed cause harmful effect to insects . 2.these smoking weed also has harmful effects on human health as these cause serious health problem such as poor digestion and convulsion. 3.carcinogen present in smoking weed also cause cancer.

What home remedies helps get weed out of your system in 3 days?

None, THC stays in your system longer than any other drug you could use

Why weed is important?

Competition. Let me give you an example. Your kid is sitting at the table with 11 other kids, they are all fighting over the same food. The chances are higher that your kid will get the food if he/she is alone. Understand?

Could you die drom smoking weed that is 20 or more years old?

no you can not die from any weed unless you smoke three times your body weight in 2 hours which is impossible but 20 year old weed will get you high

Does everyone who smokes weed get high?

yes. ive never met any body thatsmoked wee and not get high

What weed does to the heart?

Nothing ... ? Weed doesn't damage any parts of the body. It is often associated with Tobacco (cigarettes) smoking and therefore are deemed "harmful to the lungs". However, weed doesn't damage the lungs and if it does, extremely minimal damage is caused. WEED DOESNT KILL, IT HEALS AND ONLY HEALS.

How do you identify a lawn weed?

Most lawns are composed of grass; anything other than grass is considered to be a weed. If you have planted flowers or decorative plants of any kind on the edge of the lawn, once again, anything other than what you planted would be considered to be a weed.