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First, go in your folder where your apps are stored. Then, touch an app for about 3 seconds until its wiggly. And then you can pull it out of the folder.

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Q: How do you take apps out of folders on an iPhone?
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How much apps can a iPhone 5 hold?

The dock is the four apps that stay on the bottom of your screen. If you have iOS 5 or 6 on your iPhone 5 you can have 11 pages of apps. Each page can have 20 folders. That is 220 folders. Add the four folders from your dock to get 224 folders. Each folder can have 16 apps. 224 folders with 16 apps in each folder makes 3568 apps. If your iPhone 5 has iOS 7 or newer you can have 15 pages of apps. Each page can have 20 folders. That is 300 folders. Add the four folders from your dock to get 304 folders. Each folder can have 135 apps. 304 folders with 135 apps in each folder is 41040 apps.

Should i put all my apps into folders for iphone?

You can put all your apps in a folder to help declutter the screen.

How many apps can you have on the Apple iPhone 3GS?

You can have 16 folders on a page and 12 apps in a folder and 11 pages of folders and 4 folders at the bottom so about 1,980 on the home screen pages after you fill them you can have more and have to search for them

How do you change iPad apps to iphone apps?

You buy the iPhone app

Who makes most of the apps for the iPhone?

apple create the apps on iPhone

Can you use ipod and iPhone apps on iTunes?

no you cannot use ipod and iphone apps on itunes, but you can buy the apps on itunes and put them on your ipod and iphone

Is it bad to have a lot of apps in your iphone?

It is not bad in itself to have a lot of apps on your iPhone. Some negatives may be if many apps are open at the same time it may slow down your phone and having many apps may take up a lot of space.

How do you get folders on iPhone originals?

Unfortunately, making folders on an iPhone requires iOS 4 or higher. The original iPhone only supports up to iOS 3 software.

Can iPhone os 4 download iPad apps?

Although iPads can download apps made only for iPhone/iPod Touch, the iPhone can only download iPhone or iPhone/iPad apps. Apps made only for the iPad do not appear on the App Store. Luckily most of these apps have an iPhone counterpart such as Angry Birds (iPhone) and Angry Birds HD (iPad only).

Can you collapse email folders on iphone 4?


What cheap gps tracking apps are available for the iPhone?

The good news is that IPhone tracking is available and the ... you can look out for such as the GPS tracking ... iPhone Jailbreak News - iPhone Apps - iPhone ...

What ae the features of iPhone 4?

FaceTime (video chat with other iPhone users or Mac OSX users), 5 megapixel camera, HD recording, 16 or 32 GB of space, very fast operating system, folders (can arrange apps in folders by category), multitouch, voice command, front and back camera, and many more