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Press the home button (the round one at the bottom) and the power button at the same time

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Q: How do you take a screenshot on iPod touch?
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Can you take pictures from the back of the iPod touch?

You cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch. Yes. It depends on what generation the iPod Touch is.

Does the new iPod Touch take pictures?

No, it can't. No generation of iPod Touch (including the 8gb capacity iPod Touch) can take pictures.

Can you take pictures on a 2nd generation iPod Touch?

The fourth generation iPod Touch is the only iPod to be able to take pictures.

How do you take a screenshot on iPad 3?

To take a picture on the Ipad 3 and indeed on the ipod touch you can take a photo of the screen by pressing the home button and the lock/unlock button at the same time. The picture will then save to your camera roll.

Can the 16GB ipod touch take pictures?

No, so far there is no ipod touch that can take pictures. The ipod touch can only hold pictures that you download from your computer or the internet.

Does your iPod touch take pics?

Yes, but unfortunately only the 4th generation iPod touch can.

Can you take photos on an iPod touch?

The iPod Touch 4th generation has a camera. Newer ones do not.

How do you get a photothats on facebook on your iPod saved to your iPod?

Take a screenshot by clicking the home key and sleep at the same time, or you can try double tapping the picture.

How do you screenshot with iPod touch 4th generation?

You press down on the home button and the power button at the same time. If this isn't working, go to "settings" >> "general" >> "accessibility">>"assistive touch">> "on". Then click the white dot that should pop up on the screen, click "device" >> "more">> "screenshot".

How do you take pictures with iPod touch 3G?

The iPod Touch 3G in incapable of taking pictures because it has no camera. If you really want to take pictures with your iPod i suggest upgrading to the iPod Touch 4G as it DOES have a camera built in. Two in fact.

Can the I Pod touch take pictureS?

no the i pod touch can not take pictures but the ipod nanno can!

How do you receive pics on an iPod touch from your friends iPod?

Easy......take his phone