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press the options button and press restart

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Q: How do you start over tap galaxy the game on the iphone?
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What phone is better Samsung Galaxy or iphone?

SAMSUNG is more better than Iphone. Iphone uses over 40 percent of samsung stuff, including the screen, speaker and more. Samsung was also the first company to make a waterproof phone and a foldable phone.

Which is better iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy?

, Samsung Galaxy S 3 is better phone because there are a lot of things that you can on Samsung phones than iphone and apart from this according to current market people are moving to Samsung because if it features and durability.

What is farming on world war game for iphone?

its attacking one person over and over

How do you start over on tap zoo?

If you delete the app from your iPhone/iPad, re-install it by downloading from the app store you can start all over again

What happens when you restart a Pokemon game?

You start a new game and start over.

How do you start the game over in pet party on girlsgogamescom?

In order to start the game over in Pet Party on, you just need to exit the game. After you have exited the game, you can then restart the game again.

How do you get unlimited lives in multiplayer on bike race?

First you start a multiplayer match and when you're on your last life just pause the game and press the home button on either iphone or android and get back in the game you will have 3 lives again and you can keep on doing this over and over again. Hope this helped.

How do you start over soul silver?

Start a new game

Do you start over when you do new game in spongebob battle for bikibi bottom?

I think so if you finish it then start from the beginning without deleting that game it wont start over

How do you soft reset your gba game?

Delete the game and start over.

When can you have an iPhone?

you can have a iphone at 10 and over all my friends have a iphone

If you play a video game and save everything you've got then you get the game on different disc will you start over or from what you already saved?

You would have to start over.