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You start a new game and start over.

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Q: What happens when you restart a Pokemon game?
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What happens if your Pokemon game crashes?

there is not much that you can do except restart and load your last save point.

What happens if you recruit all the Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

If you get all the Pokemon and 99 of all items you can restart the game and be Jarachi as a starter.

How do you change an outbreak on Pokemon Black?

Every day there is a different spot the outbreak happens. If you do not like the outbreak restart the game.

How do you restart the game with all your Pokemon?


Will all Pokemon shiny cheat restart the game?

No it will not. I have the cheat and it works perfectly fine for me. It will NOT restart the game so do not worry.

What do you do after you caught the Pokemon of the three lakes?

relese all of your Pokemon and restart the game don't listen to that idiot,at the point in the game if you are the champion and everything then your at the after-game and you can whatever you want with it,you can continue playing and catching Pokemon,or you can restart the game or whatever else there is to do

How do you restart Pokemon diamond?

go to new game and do what it says then you will erase your game

How do you reach littleroot in Pokemon Sapphire?

you fly or restart your game

How do you restart DS game Pokemon pearl?

On the title menu press up+b+select that should restart your game

How do you restart your Pokemon game?

You just go to new game...I think. That's atleast what you do in Pokemon pearl or diamond

Why when i open my ddo game nothing happens?

restart PC?

If you start over on your game of heart of gold and you left a Pokemon on the pokerwalker how do you get the Pokemon off?

either you restart it or return it to the game