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Go to the game makers "Game Support" page for that game and they list several questions and their answers including yours. The site is:

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Q: How do you reset the game My Baby Girl for the Nintendo DS?
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How do you reset Nintendo dogz game?

You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your using.

How do you reset the game the simpsons for Nintendo ds?

You will have to delete any saved files for that game to reset it and start from the beginning. You can do this by accessing the memory section of the Nintendo DS.

How can you reset the language for the game my baby girl i can't get the settings back to reselect a language?

Find options

You want to reset the language for the game your baby girl Nintendo ds cant get the settings screen back its all in french you need English?

what i figured out was that you need to feed bottle to baby till gone, then you can choose options from the house icon, then choose new language. After that you can choose the save option, and delete user profile to reset entire game. Click settings and click on the globe. That should let you choose a new language.

Will a factory reset delete saved game memory on your Nintendo dsi?

they dont want to reset they can use backups.

Will there be a Nintendo baby game?

They're already out for the Nintendo DS. There's "My Baby" and "Imagine Babyz" and "Imagine Party Babyz."

What is the red explanation mark when i go to give my baby a bath on my baby girl Nintendo ds game?

i hate the same exact problem..i think its a glitch im taking my game back the baby is unhappy try rubbing her tummyor her head it will make it better!!

Where is the sponge on the game your baby girl?

wher is the sponge on my baby girl.

Is the game my baby girl and imagine babyz the same?

No, they are not the same, because imagine babies is a babysitting game, and my baby girl is a game where you raise your own baby.

How do you reset contract killer?

You can reset contract killer by rebooting the game on your Nintendo. If you do not want to save the settings or the results, simply reboot without saving.

In the Nintendo ds game My Baby Girl how do you get rid of the exclamation point when trying to change the diaper?

you have to talk softly in to the microphone and rub its legs alot and then it will smile then you can change its diaper

In the Nintendo ds game 'my baby boy' or 'girl' how do you get him to do the fast vision in the 13 month?

Sry but I am not really sure about that one♫Sry but I am not really sure about that one♫