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You will have to delete any saved files for that game to reset it and start from the beginning. You can do this by accessing the memory section of the Nintendo DS.

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Q: How do you reset the game the simpsons for Nintendo ds?
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Simpsons Nintendo DS?

Yes!!! The simpsons movie is on Nintendo DS

How do you reset Nintendo dogz game?

You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your using.

How do grab i a zip line in The Simpsons Game Nintendo DS?

jump and press up

Is there a game about The Simpsons?

Okay, here goes, There are games that feature The Simpsons on every one of the game platforms. Even on the very first game boy, the black and white version, has a game called escape the camp. On PlayStation 1 there is Simpsons Wrestling, on PS2 there is Simpsons Skateboarding, Simpsons Hit and Run and Simpsons Roadrage. On Gameboy Advance, there is Simpsons Roadrage. But the newest game is called The Simpsons Game. You can get it on the PS3, the PS2, the Wii, the Xbox, the Nintendo DS, the PSP, and even the Game Boy Advance Hope This Helps, Simpson Freak The Simpsons Game does not come on GBA, I mean what's the point when it's already out on Nintendo DS

Does a Nintendo DS have a reset button?

No, it doesn't. The only way you can reset a Nintendo DS is to turn it off and turn it back on again (hard reset).

You forgot the password for your Nintendo ds game?

Most DS games are not password protected. If one is you will most likely have to reset the game and start over.

Does the Simpson game work on witch consoles?

The Simpsons Game will only work on the platform it was designed for. The game has been released in versions for the Nintendo Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, & Nintendo DS

How do you reset a ds?

To reset a Nintendo DS/DS Lite just remove the battery for about 10 seconds.

Do Italian Nintendo DS games work with American Nintendo DS games?

All Nintendo DS are region-free, there is no regional lockout. Any Nintendo DS game will work with any Nintendo DS, and any Nintendo DS game is compatible for multiplayer with another Nintendo DS game, of a different country of origin. I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!

Can you play Nintendo DS Lite games on a Nintendo DS?

There is no such thing as a 'DS lite' game. If it's a Nintendo DS game, it works on any model.

What is a game ID for the Nintendo DS how do you get it?

The game ID for a Nintendo DS game can be found on the cartridge. There will be a code, which is specific for each DS game.

In the game fashion designer New York video game on the Nintendo ds how do you reset the files?

I have never played that game, but most Ds games reset files by holding a,b,x,y,l,and r when the game turns on. sorry if it doesn't work. :(