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She tells you that she is a lesbian.

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Q: How do you know your girlfriend is lesbian?
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How do you know your girlfriend is a lesbian?

The only way to know for sure is to ask her.

If you are lesbian what do you call your girlfriend daddy or mommy?

who would know that

What if your girlfriend is lesbian?

Then your a Lesbian?

Is a girlfriend gay if she hangs out with a lesbian?

If she is someones girlfriend and not the lesbian's then she might not be a lesbian. She could merely be friends with this girl. If she is the lesbian's girlfriend then yes she probably is then. :)

What happens if I find out my girlfriend is a lesbian?

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

What if your girlfriend have a girlfriend?

Well that'd be a lesbian cheater.

How can you experiment if your lesbian?

With a girlfriend.

Can have a conjugal with my girlfriend but you are a girl too?

I am not sure that I understand your question, but my guess is that you are a lesbian in jail, and you want to know if you can receive a conjugal visit from your girlfriend. Yes you can.

What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?

I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

Who is Victoria Justice's girlfriend?

she is not lesbian

How do you turn your girlfriend lesbian?

You are born lesbian. It's not something you catch or turn into to.

Is Lauren graham a lesbian?

no she isn't but her girlfriend is