How can you experiment if your lesbian?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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With a girlfriend.

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Q: How can you experiment if your lesbian?
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What if you think you are lesbian but you cant experiment to find out?

Only time will tell. One doesnt detirmine they are gay bi or lesbian over night.

What term is used to describe a woman wanting to experiment with the lesbian lifestyle?


What is a drawback to a field experiment?

He was not able to prove the stability of an atom in his gold foil experiment. and he is gay and lesbian type men and randi ka.

Im a girl and I cant stop thinking about one of my friends am I a lesbian?

No , it doesn't it just means your curious . Experiment a little , then you will know .

Do most women go through a lesbian phase at the ages of 13 to 15?

That would depend on what ideas were put int their heads in the environment they live in.

Is elizabeth mitchell a lesbian?

No, she is married to Chris Soldevilla and has stated in interviews that she is heterosexual but got to experiment through her acting roles since she never did when she was younger.

Im not a lesbian and im not attracted to girls in any way i mean i have kissed afew but nothing serious but theres this one girl that i cant stop thinking about what does this mean?

Most girls experiment with same-sex relationships. Being a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of anyway. The fact that you have experimented with "a few" and are thinking seriously about another girl does seem to indicate that tendency. But even if not, it's normal to experiment.

Does having sexual actions with another female make you lesbian?

Not at all. It is pretty normal to experiment with your sexuality. Doesn't necessarily make you a full fledged lesbian. Now the difference lies when you only want to have any and all sexual contact with women that you may have to face the fact that you are.

Does it makes you not a lesbian?

If you are a lesbian, nothing can make you "not a lesbian."

Would it be ok if you straight guy gave your lesbian friend a valentine you really like her?

It would be ok to give her a valentine. However, you can't really expect her to reciprocate your affections, especially if she identifies as a lesbian. I would say, try to move on. If she has told you she is a lesbian, there probably isn't too big of a chance of you guys hooking up. Even if you do, you don't want to be her man experiment. :)

Is Trina a lesbian?

No she is not a lesbian

What if your girlfriend is lesbian?

Then your a Lesbian?