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I doubt she would be your "girlfriend" if that was the case.

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Q: What are signs that your girlfriend is lesbian?
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What if your girlfriend is lesbian?

Then your a Lesbian?

Is a girlfriend gay if she hangs out with a lesbian?

If she is someones girlfriend and not the lesbian's then she might not be a lesbian. She could merely be friends with this girl. If she is the lesbian's girlfriend then yes she probably is then. :)

How do you know your girlfriend is lesbian?

She tells you that she is a lesbian.

What happens if I find out my girlfriend is a lesbian?

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

What if your girlfriend have a girlfriend?

Well that'd be a lesbian cheater.

How can you experiment if your lesbian?

With a girlfriend.

Who is Victoria Justice's girlfriend?

she is not lesbian

How do you turn your girlfriend lesbian?

Opinion:How do you turn a straight guy gay? Being gay or straight is thought to be fixed at birth. It is true that women are more flexible than men in sexual preferences, but not by much. And why would you want to turn a lesbian straight? A lesbian is free to live her life the way she seems fit. There are therapists who provide counseling that is claimed by them to turn homosexuals to heterosexuals, but ultimately their success rate is zero.Just accept what is, and make the best of it.Opinion:I believe a true lesbian cannot be turned "straight". Believe me, I've had too many guys try to use that line on me: That I "haven't found the right guy yet... blah blah blah...." If a girl claims to be a lesbian and then has sex with a man, or if she even agrees to have sex with a man -- that's a red flag. No lesbian I know would accept or even talk about having sex with a man. A true lesbian wouldn't get into bed with a man, period--any more than a straight man would consider having sex with another man. Opinion:You don't turn anybody anything. You can't change them. And if you think you can you're arrogant.Opinion:Opinion:It's simply not going to happen. I have never in my life had any attractions to a man period. That's not to say that I hate men because I don't. I have a number of male friends that I'm quite close too, but not in a sexual attraction sense and they are gentleman enough...they are REAL MEN...and respect me for who and what I am, just as I accord them. To be so arrogant to think that "the right guy" or anything so foolishly conceived is going to "turn a lesbian" is hogwash and idiotic. You can't make someone something they're not. I was born a lesbian and honestly am a little offended anyone would think they could change me just by being male.

Is Lauren graham a lesbian?

no she isn't but her girlfriend is

Is Brandi Carlile a lesbian?

Yes, she has a girlfriend.

What do you do when a lesbian is attracted to another lesbian bt one has a girlfriend?

well the one with the girlfriend needs to figure out what she is doing or they couldd all figure it out together

How do you no if your girlfirend is a lesbian?

If your girlfriend was a lesbian she wouldn't be with you. Bisexuals date both and Lesbians date chicks.