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I would probably wait about 7-10 days then take a home pregnancy test, just in case.

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Q: How do you know when your period is too late if you have been stressed?
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Your period was a week and a half late are you pregnante?

could be. take a test. periods can be late if you have been stressed recently or sometimes you just miss a period

When your stressed can your period come late?


Randomly late period Virgin and not feeling stressed?

Sometimes the body's hormones are off and can make a virgin have a late period even if she is not feeling stressed.

Are you pregnant if you are four days for your period?

It's normal to have a late period when your stressed.

What do i do if I'm 6 days late for my period?

get a HPT or you could be stressed. sometime my period comes late when i am stressed!! but then again my periods are irregular never the same time!!

Your period was late but still came Any chances you could be pregnant?

well you could have been stressed and that's why you was late many women do come on late some months but regulate again if you have any symptoms just take a home pregnancy test then you will know

Your period is seven days late it has not started yet your last period before that was 4 days late you have not been stressed but you have been ill just want to know why your period hasn't arrived?

We are organic beings, not machines. That is why most people have a variance in the number of days between periods and their duration.answer stressing can cause your period to be late and being ill can as well. So you don't need to worry. Stress, age, diet, being ill etc can cause you to be late and also can cause you to have irregular periods.

When your period is late do your emotions control it?

your emotions dont control but, but you can make your self late. if you are stressed or worried about being pregnant you can cause you period to be late, its not controld by emotions but stress dosent help

Why is your period so late?

If you are sexually active it could be you r pregnant but if not it s totally normal SOMETIMES for you period to come late especially if you are stressed or anything like that.

Im two months late on my period?

this currently means that either your stressed out or you are on birth controls

How can I make my period come if it's late and I want it too?

See the link below for a list of ways that may make you period start. Try not to get stressed about it. Stress causes it to be late.

Is spotting and cramping a sign of early pregnancy if your 5 days late?

Maybe, but my guess is that you are stressed out or have been sick. Five days is nothing for a late period so when it is a month or more with other symptoms you may be pregnant.

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