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you better be a female!

Lots of woman get cramps before having there period. U might also get moody and smaller patiance.

Hope this helps! If not than sorry!

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2012-02-16 04:05:59
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Q: How do you know when your period is about to come on?
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How do you know when your period is going tocome?

my period use come on now but now it not on why

When do you know your period coming?

Because you will get discharge and when you get for a couple f days then your period should come anytime.

What if your period came on the 30 of July when will the next time it will come on?

When your period is due depends on your menstrual cycle.We can't tell when your next period will come on when we don't know your cycle length.

How come you cant go in the pool when your on your period?

You will dirty the pool and all will know.

How would you know when you about to come on your period if you think your pregnant?

Your period will not start if you are pregnant, if you're a week late take a HPT.

How many days after your period end will it come back?

We don't know how long your period lasted. If you have a period every 28 days, your next period will start two days earlier than the one you just had. If you had a period on the 12th, your next one will come on the 10th.

Can you get pregnant 3 days after you come off your period?

i dont know...lets find out ;)

How do you know when you have missed your period?

When it doesn't come on time. If you haven't had sexual intercourse and you missed your period, don't worry about it, if you did, take a test or go to the docter.

If i know im not pregnant and i had my period then it just like didnt come back the next month what should you do?

wait a week after your missed period and if it still hasn't come then you should take a pregnancy test

How can you make your period come quicker?

you can not make your period come quicker.

How would you know you are pregnant?

If you miss your period.Usually your period will come each month as it is suppose to do.But if you soon see no sign of your period and know that u have been involved with a male then it is most likely you are pregnant.

I am on my fourth week of my period i don't know what to do?

well, do u meen uve been wating 4 weeks and ur period hasn't come or uve had ur period for 4 weeks??

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