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When the juice is running out .

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Q: How do you know if you popped a girls cherry?
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How can guy know he pop the girls cherry?

If he popped it, she will bleed.

Can girls pop a girls cherry?

A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

How do you know if your girlfriends cherry has popped?

ask her. usually some girls bleed, or have some pain, or nothing really happens, for me nothing happened, but i know its popped, usually when a guy enters a girl and thrust hard and all you pop the cherry

How do you know that you have popped your cherry?

Your mom will tell you cuz I popped hers last night

How do you know when her cherry is popped?

When you r broken apart!

How do you know when a females cherry has been popped?


What does it mean when a guy had his cherry popped or is it just girls?

Every woman has a blood sack (cherry) in their vagina, when they loose their virginity...their "cherry" has been popped so-to-speak. Meaning she is no longer a virgin, that's why we bleed the fist time ever having sex. ==== The hymen is a fringe of tissue in the vagina that can be torn during intercourse, especially if the act is forced or rough. It is not a "blood sack," nor is it a thin membrane that stretches across the vaginal opening (another common myth). When a woman has sexual intercourse for the first time, the hymen may or may not (usually not) bleed slightly. This type of bleeding is fairly common; therefore the myth of having something that 'breaks' during a woman's first intercourse came about.

Are there cherry popping pills?

no, having your cherry popped (only for girls) means having your hymen broken and losing your virginity.

How do you know if you've popped a cherry?

You'll see the blood.

How you are gone know your wife is vergine?

Her "cherry" isn't popped.

Do all girls bleed when there cherry gets popped?

Not always, Every girl is different.

Can fingering yourself pop your cherry?

Yes and that is the most common reason the girls "hymen" is missing or "popped" as you put it.