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He will usually (not always) act a little different around you. Don't expect him to ever act the same twice. With guys, they just don't do that (Unless you've got a really one-of-a-kind guy.) Usually he'll go out of his way just to be around you, and he'll be nice, or he'll happen to be nearby a lot, and (pretend) picks on you. Now, I'm not one to talk, but just say something nice, or funny! It's really discouraging to a guy when he likes a girl and she doesn't start the conversations. He may think you don't even slightly like him if you don't. But don't think that means he will stop liking you. Guys are very persistent. He'll probably keep it up for a month or more. That doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't like other girls though. He may just want to be your friend. Try to be alone with him sometimes, and observe how he reacts. He will usually loosen up a lot, and may just come clean to you! (But girls, if he doesn't, either it means he didn't have the guts at the moment, or he isn't really into you, he has just been trying to get a normal friend all along!

A.) Flirts with you constantly.

B.) Looks at you a lot.

C.) Acts nervous around you when he's with friend.

D.) Seems to try to get attention from you, or talks to you a lot.

E.) You don't know unless you ask

F.) He touches and blushes about it.

Additional Advice:

  • Maybe you hear him talk about you or see him state at you.
  • Either he: A.) Flirts with you constantly! B.) Looks at you a lot. C.) Acts nervous around you when he's with friend. It's just a matter of time before he asks you if he can be your boyfriend.

    if you don't know what i mean by moments. Its when your and the boys eyes meet and stay there. kind of like you 2 are staring at each other but better cause if he doesn't look away he likes it.

  1. if he got a new watch or braclete/band ask him: "hey nice watch/band can i see it" if he likes you he will show you his whole arm, if he doesn't like you he will take it off and show it too you
  2. if you want the boy to like you ask him if he can open a water bottle or something you can also drop your pencil and ALWAYS praise him.
  3. and if you don't believe me watch one of those old sappy movies
  4. when the girl drops her hankerchief why do you think the boy picks it up???
  • If he tries not to look at you It means He doesn't want you to see him looking at you because he knows that if you see him looking at him You'll know he likes you.
  • 1. you don't know unless you ask 2.if you want to know if a boy likes you he will try to get close to you so he can talk to you or stare at you
  • Sometimes you know when a guy likes you when he looks dead at you, or when he touches and blushes about it. Also a boy likes you when there is a connection between you and him and no one will end it.
  • He angles toward you when you talk. Sometimes it's hard to tell. If his chest is facing you, then he probably likes you.
  • His palms face up. When his palms face up he is excited to see you and feels open and confident around you.
  • He touches your arm, hand, and/or waist. This is a big sign that he likes you and that he is ready to be in a relationship. If you are too, acknowledge it.
  • He stops what he is doing to say hi to you and/or talk. It's a sign that he's crazy about you when he stops what he is doing to see how you're doing.
  • He cracks more jokes around you. If a boy likes you, he might crack a few more jokes or be a little more obnoxious to get your attention.
  • He looks into your eyes. When he looks into your eyes, he definitely likes you. If he doesn't, don't worry. He may just be shy. You might have to make the first move.
  • He might talk about other couples. If a boy talks about other couples or asks who is going out with who, he is obviously giving you some hints.
  • You just know. You put one and one together and it becomes obvious. He tells you verbally or by his actions that he does. Just ask if you can't take the mystery.
  • You can tell he likes you if he talks to you a lot, flirts with you often, and/or always looks at you. You can tell he likes you if he likes to hang out with you or when his face lights up when you enter the room.
  • You can also tell if he likes you if he DOESN'T look at/talk to you. Trust me on this. He may take the mick out of you. He either likes you or hates you. It's an untrustworthy one.
  • you can tell when a boy likes you when he makes fun of you cause he is trying to hide the fact that he loves you and when he likes to talk to you and he asks you a lot of stuff cause he is trying to find out more about you to see what is the same about you and him.Also you can tell he likes you when looks at you and won't stop even at times when he is not supposed to.


  • Hint:1 if he says your name for no reason
  • Hint:2 if he stares at you without blinking for 4 seconds
  • Hint:3 Being your friend
  • Hint:4 Showing off (maybe at football, art, anything that girls admires really)
  • Hint:5 Occasionally stares at you, if you start staring back he normally looks away quickly.
  • Hint:5 Stands up for you once in a while (for example, if you are being called a geek, he might say that so is he even though he isn't!)
  • Hint:6 Maybe teases you (this depends on how old the boy is - 4 - 11 year olds tend to tease the girl however, 12 - 18 year olds tend to either tell you straight away or just ignore you)
  • Hint:7 Doesn't mind working with you, like if you are paired up for a science experiment he won't go "But i wanted to be with my friend" but normally just keeps quiet.
  • Hint:8 Occasionally smiles, if you catch him smiling he will stop so to break the tension, smile back
  • Hint:9 SOMETIMES is silly, this depends on the kind of boy, if he is your everyday sweetie then he will be silly normally. But boys who tend to be sensible in class depends for example i have had a totally sensible boy who was being silly round me.
  • If someone calls you a geek say hold up it takes a geek to know a geek!
  • If you really want to know if he likes you, pretend you are really excited about something then run up and give him a big hug. Watch his reaction carefully, if he doesn't hug you or pushes you away, then he doesn't like UNLESS his face is red, he may just be too stunned to do anything. If he hugs you back he may just be polite and hug you in a friendly way. But if he likes you and hugs you back he will do it affectionately and you will know. But make sure you have your story straight about why you are excited in case he doesn't like you. But if he does then he won't really care why you hugged him he will just be happy you did.
  • Of course, all these depend. Just ask him, and tell him it's not a dare if you have a reputation of that kind of thing!
  • YES! he loves you, but is too shy to say so. but I say GO FOR IT! you'll never know if you don't try. as Wayne Gretsky says: " You'll miss 100% of the shots you never take ­"
  • Every boy is different. Act like yourself around him. You definitely don't want him to like the person you're trying to be to impress him! And definitely don't go to a movie with him and bring your gorgeous blond best friend.
  • Go on YouTube and type in " 5 ways to show that a guy likes you" there's a guy that actually explains what is interested ,how it happens and stuff like that.
  • if a boy interrupts in other converations with other boys does that mean he is jealous?

Well,young love is so cute!!and 1st u got tht he hangs out with u a lot then he likes u like a freind.if he winks,hes trying o give u hints and also if u really want to know ASK HIM!!!if he denies then u know he likes u
well hel,l start flirting when he flirts laugh along don't be a downer 2 ask one of his friends if he likes you don't be embarrsased it can be tough start hanging out with him develope a a relationship just a friend than if he starts flirting it will all fall in place youll have that moment just you and him trust me youll look in each others eyes and it will fall in place youll hug and kiss and well congrats if you take my advice
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If he didn't like you, he wouldn't be talking to you "a lot". Whether it means anything more than that he's just a friendly guy, you'd need to ask him. There's no magic way to tell if someone loves you.

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Q: How do you know if a guy likes you?
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How do you know when a guy definitely likes you?

when he says he likes you.

How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?

How do you know if the guy you like likes you but you dont know him?

If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

Signs if a guy likes you?

go to this website

How do you know if guy a likes you or not?

if a guy likes you he will: smile at you, stare, talk/hang out a lot, he will try to get to know you. hope this helps.

How do you know when i guy likes you?

You will know when a guy likes you when he always wants to be with you puts his arm around you or if he says anything about your clothes

Will the guy who likes you know the guy you like likes you and feel jealous?

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

How to know if a guy likes you but he doesn't show it?

The only way to know 100% if a guy likes you is to ask him. If he doesn't show it, there is no way to know.

How do you know if a guy likes you or just playing you?

You ask the guy.

Is it normal to like a guy after you know he likes you Or is that not ok?

It is ok to like a guy after you know he likes you. That is perfectly normal and a part of life.

Will the guy who likes you know another guy likes you too with his common sense as a guy?

probably. if he does he may fight for you attention.

How do you kiss a guy and know he likes it?

his eyes will open wider if he likes it

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