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iam in love with this guy but i do not know if he likes me or some other girl

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Q: How do you know if a guy likes someone else?
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How do you know when a guy likes you but he also likes someone else?

When he has a penis.

What if you know your guy friend would date you but he likes someone else?

If he likes someone else then it's doubtful he would date you. If you really care about him more than just a friend then you should let him know.

How does a shy guy find out if a girl he likes likes him?

Have someone else do it for you.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he likes someone else and always says not to tell?

He just wants to let someone know about his relationshipical feelings... But he also wants the person he likes not to know... yet...

What do you do if you like a guy and you know that he likes you but you waited to long and now he has a girlfriend?

Find someone else, he's a jackass.

What if a guy smiles at you but you know he likes someone else?

Friendly people often smile at others because they are polite.

What do you do if your friend likes the same guy you like and he likes her to?

find someone else to like

How would you know if a guy likes you too?

You can't really know but if it matters then he may not. If you like yourself then someone else will too. If you have to ask then you will never know!

What does it mean when a guy is flirting with you but he likes someone else?

It means he wants someone else but is flirting with you as a second resort if the person he likes doesnt like him back

Will the guy who likes you know the guy you like likes you and feel jealous?

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

When you're positive this guy likes you he asks someone else out why?

To make this guy jealous, of course.

Say you like a guy but you think he likes someone else what do you do to figure it out?

leave them be and get your own guy