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After downloading an app, go to the last page of apps on your iPod Touch by swiping your finger to the left, and then the last app on the last page should be the one that you recently downloaded (without moving around any other apps). Just tap the app to open it.

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Q: How do you go to a app on a ipod touch after downloading it?
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What is the cydia app for the itouch?

Cydia is an app itself you get when you jailbreak your iPod touch. You get it when jaibreak is finished, if you have greenp0ison, you have to go on loader and download Cydia from there. If you use redsn0w, you will have the choice of downloading Cydia from your computer to your iPod.

How do you get a app on a ipod touch?

go to the app store located on your ipod touch or on itunes store on your computer

How do you download free games to your ipod touch?

go to the app store app that came with the ipod

How do you get Touch Trix for your iPod touch?

On your ipod their is a App, Called"App Store" click it, then on the bottom it says search then type it in and their you go!

How do you get the iPod app on the iPod touch like the iPhone one that replaces the music and video apps without jailbreaking it?

if you have wifi then you can go to the app store on the ipod touch and download it, or you could go on to itunes and get the app there I get the iPod Converter for put DVD and video to iPod touch without jailbreaking it.

How do you get a paid app on the ipod touch for free?

If it's a paid app then you can't get i for free. Go Daily App Dream and App Shopper everyday to get a paid app on the ipod touch for free.

Is there games already on iPod touch?

No there are no games already in the Ipod touch, you have to go to app store and buy them.

On IPod Touch how to go to Safari Preferences?

First, go to the settings app on your iPod Touch. Then, go to Safari. From there, you can change the Safari Preferences.

How do you get apps on your iPod?

well, you can only get them on iphone and ipod touch. to get them for your iphone or ipod touch, go to the app store on it and search the app you want. some apps are free. just touch the app you want and then touch download. if that doesnt work, use a cord to plug it into a computer with itunes then click the app store and do the same thing you would do on your iphone or ipod touch from there.

How do you get password for ipod touch?

you go to the system icon app.

Which app on the ipod touch to you go to to watch movies?


Where can you go to get free iPod touch apps?

app store