Do ipod touch apps cost money?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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They do and they don't cost money. There is a free app section in iTunes and the App Store where you can download apps free of charge. There is also a Paid-for app section where you have go pay to get the app.

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Q: Do ipod touch apps cost money?
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Related questions

Does it cost money to look up apps on an Ipod touch?

No, it does not cost money to look up apps on an iPod touch.

Are apps for the iPod touch free?

For the ipod touch some apps cost money but a whole lot of them dont cost money at all the majority of them are al so dont worry kk

Do the apps for ipod touch cost anything?

some apps are free (a lot are) some app cost money.

Do apps for ipod touch cost money?

some of them do but some of them don't certainly some of them do

What apps are free on the iPod touch?

Most of the apps are free on the Ipod touch and Iphone but the better the app the more money it will cost! Remember there will always be an app for your choice! So have fun browsing your Ipod touch and Iphone because more apps are going when more apps are coming in!:)

Does it cost if you only download free apps on your ipod touch?

No it costs nothing for FREE apps on your ipod touch.

Do apps on the iPod touch that cost money show up in the bill?

i dont know kid

Does it cost money to buy apps on an ipod touch?

Most apps that are games are 99 cents or 1.99. Some other apps are more expensive. There are also some free apps.

What are the apps on the iPod touch?

There are many apps on the iphone that you can get buy going to and creating an account. some are free and some cost money. there are apps such as games work apps or software apps. they can only be purcahsed and downloaded on to ipod touch or iphone.but an app is a software that is downloaded to improve the device or to entertain.

Does it cost money to download free apps for iPod touch?

No not unless you buy the full version of the app or something in the app.

Can you text a cellphone from an iPod touch?

It is possible to text a cellphone from an iPod Touch if you download a texting app, such as TextsUnlimited or Text Plus. Some apps may cost money, and others are free. Some free apps have text limitations, though.

Do iPod apps cost money when buying a second time after deleting it?

Some iPod apps cost money, others are free. Apps should be free the second time even if you do delete it.