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In the US, you start by applying to the BATFE for an 01 Dealer Federal Firearms License. That means you ALSO need a premises that is zoned for business, secure storage for firearms, a business license, etc etc etc. You will also need your local Chief Law enforcement officer to sign off on your application, and the money to pay for the license ($200). Then you add the Special Occupational Tax (SOT) for being a Dealer in Class III firearms ($3000) See the link below for more information.

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Q: How do you get class III dealers license to buy and sell full automatic firearms?
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What states have class 3 firearms license?

None- there is no such thing as a Class III license. There are 39 states that permit private ownership of fully automatic firearms, but there is no special license to possess a Class III firearm. In the states where it is legal, transfer of ownership will require approval of the BATFE

How do you get a license to sell cars in Florida?

apply for and take a dealers license class

What is a class 2 federal firearms license?

There is a Class II, and a Type 2 FFL. A Type 2 Federal Firearms License is a dealer in ordinary firearms that operates as a pawnshop. A Class II (roman numberal 2) is a manufacturer of National Firearm Act weapons (such as machine guns)

How do you get a class three firearms license?

No such license. If you want to POSSESS a Class III firearm, you must be 21, and the transfer of the firearm approved by the US BATFE- but it does not require a license .

How can you level 3 gun license to buy automated guns?

There is no "license" to buy Class III firearms (fully automatic or machine guns). The transfer of each machine gun must be approved by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. There is a $200 transfer tax for each gun purchased.

How do you get a class III firearms license?

To SELL Class III firearms, you must be a dealer that has been licensed to buy and sell class III guns (also known as a SOT- Special Occupational Tax) To OWN a class III firearm, you do not "get a license". Transfer of that gun to you requires it be transferred by a Class III dealer, and the transfer approved by the BATFE.

Where do you find sound suppressors for pistols?

In the US, they are sold by gun dealers that have a license to sell Class III firearms. Purchase of a suppressor in the US is subject to Federal law, and requires (among other things) payment of a $200 transfer tax.

What licence do you need to be able to own automatic guns in the US?

Without possessing a Federal Firearms License and corresponding tax stamps (either Class 3 S.O.T. for a dealer or Class 2 S.O.T. for a manufacturer), you need to be approved for a Class III NFA tax stamp for every automatic weapon you purchase. You would also be limited to automatic firearms manufactured and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act (or, for a fully imported automatic weapon, it would have to be manufactured, imported, and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968).

Make semi automatic gun fully automatic?

only a class 2 firearms dealer can do this legally mechanical or parts malfunction can cause this to happen

Can you ship a fully automatic gun from overseas to the US?

Sure... once you've obtained a Type 8 Federal Firearms License and Class I Occupational Tax Stamp and are registered with the Department of State as such in accordance with ITARS. If you don't meet the aforementioned requirements, the answer is no.

Where can you buy an aa12?

Unfortunately you cannot unless you have a class 3 firearms license. Also as of the moment they will only sale to Military and Police.

Where can you buy an AA12 shotgun?

Unfortunately you cannot unless you have a class 3 firearms license. Also as of the moment they will only sale to Military and Police.