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There is a Class II, and a Type 2 FFL. A Type 2 Federal Firearms License is a dealer in ordinary firearms that operates as a pawnshop. A Class II (roman numberal 2) is a manufacturer of National Firearm Act weapons (such as machine guns)

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Q: What is a class 2 federal firearms license?
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If you have a federal firearms license can you pawn?

You need a type 1 Federal Firearms License to deal in firearms. There are multiple types, but type 1 what is required to firearms for a living. =================================================== You still need a Type 2 FFL to operate as a pawnbroker. A Type 1 covers gunsmiths and dedicated gun stores - Type 2 is exclusive to pawnbrokers. As a Type 1 FFL holder, I can say this with absolute certainty.

Application to own and sell firearms?

Under US law, 2 separate matters. MOST states do not require a license to own a firearm- if your state DOES require a license, you need to check with your state. SALE of firearms is regulated by the Federal Government thru the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. To engage in the business of selling firearms, you would need to be licensed as a dealer. You may obtain an application from the BATFE. In addition, you will need to meet any state or local laws, such as zoning for the location of the business, a business license, sales tax, etc.

How do you make a silencer for a Springfield xd-9?

First, you obtain a Type 7 or Type 10 Federal Firearms License and a Class 2 Special Occupational Tax stamp, at which point you'll be properly licenced to manufacture a suppressor. Otherwise, you find a Class III firearms dealer, fill out the appropriate paperwork, pay the BATFE transfer tax, and buy one. Those are the only legal ways to go about it, and how-to guides for performing illegal acts are not given on this site.

What can you buy to make your AR15 autosear?

A Type 7 or Type 10 Federal Firearms Licence, with a Class 2 Special Occupational Tax Stamp. You need to obtain that before you even think about doing this.

Are websites that sell and send firearms to your address legitimate?

First, in the US, sale of modern firearms is regulated by Federal law- Title 18, US Code, Section 922. That law requires that when the ownership of a firearm is transferred across a state line (inheritance excepted) it must pass through the holder of a Federal Firearms License (such as a licensed dealer or collector) in your home state. Sites such as gunbroker, auctionarms, and gunsamerica are the largest internet gun sale sites in the US. They are legitimate, and they spell out the process I described in their website instructions. A firearm purchased there will NOT be shipped directly to your home, unless you have a Federal Firearms License. (PS- I do, and just bought a Mossberg 151K about 2 minutes ago. It will be shipped to me.)

What is an FFL dealer?

A firearms dealer. To be able to do business as such, you must have a Federal Firearms Licence (FFL). Most gun shops will have a Type 1 FFL, and pawn shops will have a Type 2 FFL. A Type 3 FFL is the only class of FFL which does not permit the possessor to act as a dealer.

What licence do you need to be able to own automatic guns in the US?

Without possessing a Federal Firearms License and corresponding tax stamps (either Class 3 S.O.T. for a dealer or Class 2 S.O.T. for a manufacturer), you need to be approved for a Class III NFA tax stamp for every automatic weapon you purchase. You would also be limited to automatic firearms manufactured and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act (or, for a fully imported automatic weapon, it would have to be manufactured, imported, and NFA tax stamped prior to the passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968).

What firearms are chambered for 327 federal magnum?

Right now there are 2 guns made for this caliber. The first was the

Do you need a digi tach card if you have a class 2 license?

Do Class 2 driving licence holders need a digitachocard

Can or How you convert a GSG 5 into an fully automatic rifle?

No, you cannot. After the passage of the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, the domestic manufacture of fully automatic firearms for the civilian market ceased. To be able to do it legally, would you be required to first have a Type 7 Federal Firearms Licence with a Class 2 tax stamp.

Where can one sell used guns online?

The sale of guns online is regulated by the Federal Government. Therefore in order to sell guns online, a person must contact a dealer with a Federal Firearms license in order to sell them. Guns America and Gun Broker are 2 places where one may sell guns online.