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click app store,search what u want,click on the pic u want,click the price,then click install.

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Q: How do you get applacations on your iPod touch?
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What is better the iPod touch or the iPod Classic?

In my opinion, i say the touch cause u can get on the internet off that little ipod. it can let you download applacations right off your ipod which i think is pretty cool!!! :)

Why was the iPod Touch named the iPod Touch?

Well, because it is an iPod, and it has a touch screen.

How to txt a iPod with another iPod?

You cannot text another iPod Touch with your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch can only go to phones.

Can you get apps on your tiny iPod touch how do you do it?

If it is an ipod touch nano then no you cant you have to have a big screen ipod touch

Your ipod touch 8gb charger port not supplying power to your ipod touch what do you do?

restart your ipod touch

What do you need to charge a iPod touch?

you need a ipod touch, and the ipod touch chharger then you have to plug it into the computer

Is the iPod touch the same as the iPod touch 4?

no because the ipod touch 4 is a newer version

What is a touch screen iPod other than the iPod touch?

There are currently four types of iPods with a touch screen: the iPod Touch, the iPhone, the iPad, and the ipod nano multi-touch.

Is an iPod Touch for kids?

The iPod Touch is for anyone.

Where did the materials for an iPod touch come from?

*where, and which iPod Touch?

Can you get smallworlds on iPod touch?

No, you can not get Smallworlds on the ipod touch.

Psp vs iPod Touch?

ipod touch