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Don't do it! This is a job for an advanced gunsmith only. All parts are hand fit and under spring tension. These old Remington shotguns are like a Chinese puzzle. Special tools are also needed.

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Q: How do you disassemble a Remington Model 1889 shotgun?
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1889 Remington Double shotgun How can you tell the Grade?

grade is found on the water table

What was the manufacture year of a Remington New Model 1882 shotgun serial number 234703?

New heard of a "New Model" 1882 and that is not a serial no for a 1882.It does fit the serial range of a model 1889 made in the last days of 1902.

What is the age and value of a Remington double barrel shotgun serial 63548?

That is a model 1889 made in 1894, the value is based on condition, condition, and condition. Tomato stake or showroom new?

What is the value of a Remington side by side 10gauge model 1889 serial 76853?

100-2000 USD

Is the 1889 Model 108509 Marlin pump shotgun worth anything?

50-150 USD

Where can you find a screw for the hammer on Remington 1889 sxs shotgun?

a good gun smith can fit screws to the gun. Finding the original screws will be almost impossible.

When did Philo Remington die?

Philo Remington died on 1889-04-04.

What is the value of an 1889 Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with double trigger and exposed hammers with the serial number of 53879?

i have one with a serial of 39667 how much would it be worth

What is the age and value of a Remington double barrel shot gun serial 227982?

There's very few Remington things you can identify by just a serial but you got lucky ;) That is a Remington Model 1889 made in 1902. Value is greatly dependent on Condition, Condition, Condition, and Condition.

Did Colt make a 12 gauge double barrel hammered shotgun?

The Model 1878 was offered in 10 and 12 gauge from 1878 through 1889.

What model double barrel did Remington make in what years?

Remington made the following double barrel shotguns.The first was the model 1873 hammer lifter 1873-1878,the model 1875and 1876 lifter from 1875-1882,model 1878 hammer from 1878-1882,the 1879 SxS hammer from 1879-1882,the models 1882 and 1883 SxS hammer from 1882-1888.the model 1885/1887 SxS hammer from 1885-1888,the model 1889 SxS hammer from 1889-1908,the model 1894 SxS hammer from 1894-1910.The model 1900 SxS hammer from 1900-1910.I hope this helps.

What is the value of a 1889 Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun It has brass wolves inlaid on stock..don't now if that is original or not?

The value depend on the condition of the shotgun. Have is appraised by a gunsmith or advanced collector. The inlet brass wolves are not original but should not significantly degrade the value if they look well done.